Quern Undying

Posted by: sureshot

Quern Undying - 10/12/17 06:50 PM

Hi Folks - Great game !! Need Help !!!

I am having trouble finding clues regarding what to do with the berry juice I've been drinking and having all kinds of visions but don't know where to use them. If the game is telling me what juice and where, I can't find a clue. Mixing potions not one of my strong points in adventure games, but I was able to get a key for the tower in the Square ( have 2 keys ).

Not even sure what to ask here - but if there is something I am missing about the berry juice, I guess a hint here would move me along, I hope.

Thank you.

Did I say this is a great game ? Oh yea I did ! lol
Posted by: Marian

Re: Quern Undying - 10/12/17 07:21 PM

We have some other Quern players here and hopefully someone will be able to answer your question.

I found achievements for this game on another website and one of them was awarded for having tasted all of the berry juices. Whether there is more purpose to them than that, I don't know. I couldn't find any other information.

I'm glad you are enjoying the game. smile
Posted by: sureshot

Re: Quern Undying - 10/13/17 09:44 AM

Thank you Marian ! Yes, I am enjoying the game !
Posted by: GreyFuss

Re: Quern Undying - 10/13/17 09:49 AM

If I remember correctly, its been a while,
Click to reveal..
wherever you have seen something with red paint on it you can see what the paint is covering in a vision by drinking the proper potion.
I hope I remember that right.
Posted by: Marian

Re: Quern Undying - 10/13/17 11:00 AM

Thank you for your help, GreyFuss. wave
Posted by: sureshot

Re: Quern Undying - 10/13/17 08:02 PM

Your memory is sharp GreyFuss!! That got me moving again.

Thank you.