Posted by: Winfrey

Syberia3 - 10/21/17 11:35 AM

I was at the point where Oscar used the fire truck and was on top of the building and had opened the metal vent. I ended that session of the game.. 2 days later I just tried to play and Oscar was frozen on the roof... and could not move... frozen... I hit escape and clicked on load... it loaded the history.. and Oscar was able to walk down to the fire truck and see the dogs.... again stuck... I clicked on load again and it showed. delete this save game... I thought it meant just this last save... duh!!! I click and now no saves... wants me to restart the game... any saves out there I don't want to restart.!!!!
Posted by: Marian

Re: Syberia3 - 10/21/17 11:57 AM

Someone else had a problem with this part of the game, I believe; the post is here.

There are some saved games here. I don't know if any of those would be of any use to you, though.

Mr. Bill also has saved games; he may be able to help you out.

Sorry for the frustration, Winfrey.
Posted by: Winfrey

Re: Syberia3 - 10/21/17 12:32 PM

Thanks Marian, I did just find the saves on Syberia help.... load 2 and got to where Kate Walker and tribe are chasing the bats out of the tunnel and proceeding... just hope I did not miss much from the point of Oscar and to that last save... thanks though
Posted by: mrbill

Re: Syberia3 - 10/21/17 12:33 PM

Hi Winfrey,

This area is the one they have not yet resolved. If any steps are out of order this happens.

My save for this is the one labeled "Save Bill Horton" At the Microids page Marian gave you. The important thing here is, has your computer been changed so no folders or files are hidden.

I've been called to lunch, but I'll soon be back.

In the meantime read fron pages 4 on up in the other Syberia 3 post down below this one started by TLC.

Take care,

Mr. Bill
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Re: Syberia3 - 10/21/17 12:52 PM

Thanks Mr. Bill, I looked at Utube and the save I had only missed putting the
Click to reveal..
in... I can live with that.... I should have known better than to delete.. before saving the file