Posted by: linda333

Statis - 10/31/17 10:18 PM

I just purchased this game and can't seem to figure out the controls: how to leave the game, hitting Esc. doesn't do anything to get me to a menu.
Also how do you save your game? Also where is the inventory seen. Thank you for any input. Sorry I think I should be posting in game hints etc.
Posted by: Draclvr

Re: Statis - 10/31/17 10:23 PM

Do you mean the game Stasis? That's the closest one I could find. All I'm finding is that the game is point and click. I assume you've tried the Esc key and moving your mouse to either the top or bottom of the screen? If that's the game, I'll keep looking for something on gameplay.

EDIT: I watched part of a youtube video walkthrough and it seems there is something in the lower left of the screen you can either hover over or click on. Is that the menu?
Posted by: Marian

Re: Statis - 10/31/17 10:35 PM

I found this information about Stasis on the GOG forum:

The game autosaves every time you go to the menu screen.

To manually save, access the menu, click Load/Save, then select one of the slots on the left,
it will highlight, then hit save. To load, do the same thing - access the menu, click the slot (it will show a screenshot) and then click load.

Inventory is shown when you put the mouse cursor to the lower left corner of the screen.
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Re: Statis - 10/31/17 11:22 PM

Thank you for the information. I also can't figure out how to access Menu to leave/save a game.....??? The Esc. key does nothing......
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Re: Statis - 11/01/17 01:04 AM

That's what I figured - that you weren't able to access the menu. So the object in the lower left is just the inventory, right? Have you tried doing what I suggested and moving your mouse cursor to the top or bottom of the screen? Just to say you did, you could always try the F keys... like F1 or something. I assume there was no brief tutorial??

Did you get the game from Steam? Or GOG? I would suggest posting your question in the forums there for an answer.
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Re: Statis - 11/01/17 11:45 AM

Thanks, will try a few things again. I purchased it on Steam...will also look there...
Posted by: Draclvr

Re: Statis - 11/01/17 12:11 PM

Let us know what you find out. This point and click adventure game is getting some really good reviews.