Obuction End-Game

Posted by: sureshot

Obuction End-Game - 12/02/17 03:44 PM

Hi all - I would like to get a save game - if possible- that gets me into Moray near the end of the game. I have to give up - going up and down stairs and transporting was just too much.
Posted by: Marian

Re: Obuction End-Game - 12/02/17 05:51 PM

I hope that someone will have a saved game for you. wave
Posted by: mrbill

Re: Obuction End-Game - 12/02/17 08:30 PM

Hey sureshot,

It has been almost a year since I played it and there was never a mention of sharing saves. I found mine and none of it makes any sense. I would at this point not have any idea what to send. I have six folders called Slot 1 through Slot 6 with lots of .png and .jpg pictures. You would probably have to go to the Obduction Website and ask them.

You have not been to Maray yet?


Posted by: Lion_1251

Re: Obuction End-Game - 12/03/17 05:06 AM

Hi sureshot,

Which part of Maray talking about? You can play Obduction in different ways, we finished the walkthrough with lots of screenshots in september.
it is in Dutch so you have to translate the text but the screenshots tells you also very much.

You can find the walkthrough on www.pcgameswalkthroughs.nl.

You can find more about the website in the tread: Text Walkthrough Website.

If you can't find the solution there let me know.

Succes with Obduction.

Posted by: Marian

Re: Obuction End-Game - 12/03/17 09:55 AM

Thank you both very much for your suggestions and for your trying to help. wave
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Obuction End-Game - 12/03/17 10:53 AM

If you're talking about the maze area depicted in this video, I don't blame you for giving up.

If you can't get past it, just watch the rest of the game in the YouTube videos.
Sending saves doesn't seem to be possible with this game.
Posted by: sureshot

Re: Obuction End-Game - 12/03/17 01:41 PM

Thank you all !

I have not been to Maray yet. Even if I followed the walkthorough - which I tried at first to avoid - is frustrating to the point that I have to throw in the towel on this one ! I don't see a game here with various puzzles - and if the puzzles are just going up and down stairs constantly and opening shortcuts and having to transport throughout the game, then, to me at least, it's not a game anymore.

I read about that maze and think I'll pass that one too. Watching the YouTube video sounds good at this point. thumbsup

Thank you all again for your input - think I'll just replay Quern !! lol

Carol Reed where are you ??
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Obuction End-Game - 12/03/17 02:16 PM

Originally Posted By: sureshot
think I'll just replay Quern !!

There is also Xing, if you haven't played it.
Consider yourself lucky that you don't get nausea ("motion sickness") from playing these games.
Posted by: Marinus_Louis

Re: Obuction End-Game - 12/03/17 02:46 PM

Yes.....For me, Xing The Lands Beyond is a much better and nicer game than Obduction. Xing is by far the best game I have played in the last two years. I was very disappointed by Obduction, but I gues we all had to high expectations about this game because it is made by Cyan, the makers of the Myst games. I have this same feeling again about Black Mirror IV, I wish I hadn't bought it

Marinus_Louis (Louis Koot)
Posted by: sureshot

Re: Obuction End-Game - 12/04/17 12:58 PM

I will definitely check out Xing !! I hate giving up on a game, but if I had to climb up and down one more set of stairs just to open a door, my comments would have gotten me kicked off this site !

I could deal with the spinning as I don't get the nausea, and thankfully I had a programmable mouse to FIX the WASD garbage. We seem to be going backwards even with our newer supercomputers !

Too bad about Black Mirror IV - the first ones were great games for me !
Posted by: fisicx

Re: Obuction End-Game - 12/11/17 04:21 PM

I've just finished a new walkthrough for the game.


It's got a very detailed solution for the maze with images of each change:


It's been a long while since I last wrote a walkthrough. It was fun to get back into the swing of things. Hope you get to the end of Obduction - it's worth the effort.
Posted by: Marian

Re: Obuction End-Game - 12/11/17 04:23 PM

Thank you for the walkthrough link, fisicx. We are happy to know about this. Nice to see you here again. wave12
Posted by: fisicx

Re: Obuction End-Game - 12/11/17 04:32 PM

Thank you,

It's been a while, but now I'm back I hope to start contributing again. I've just sent an email asking for the walkthough to be added to the O's - as you don't yet have obduction listed.

I'm now busy working my way through the Myst series again. I'd forgotten how great they were, Riven is still one of the greats.