Posted by: Tsavorite

Syberia - 12/21/17 11:27 PM

I'm at the part in the Youkol village where I have to fill the empty flask with water. But the game won't let me. It's just showing the X. Did I miss something?
Posted by: oldbroad

Re: Syberia - 12/21/17 11:49 PM

I hope I can explain this right. I had the same problem. Turn the bone handle on the right side. There is a hook on it. When you cannot see the hook it is because it is up higher. Place the flask on the hook (that is up higher and still near the right side). Then turn the bone handle to lower it down into the water. Turn the bone handle again to raise the filled flask up to the top and take it off the hook.
Posted by: Winfrey

Re: Syberia - 12/22/17 08:19 AM

I had the same problem... it is hard to find the right place... keep trying... good luck.
Posted by: Tsavorite

Re: Syberia - 01/15/18 02:35 AM

I got it!!! I have no idea what I did but I got it!
Posted by: Marian

Re: Syberia - 01/15/18 08:40 AM

Glad you're able to move on now. wave