What Became of Edith Finch - ??

Posted by: linda333

What Became of Edith Finch - ?? - 12/31/17 07:48 PM

I have already posted a remake in discussions but now I need some help with the game. I have completed playing Molly and been looking around the whole
house. It seems as if now I have accessed Barbara....I see a music box with her name and can grasp the handle but I am not sure what control button I use to actually turn the winding key...I have tried w.s,d,a and space bar etc. with no success. I must be doing something wrong....any help appreciated.
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Re: What Became of Edith Finch - ?? - 12/31/17 08:08 PM

We will have to wait for someone who has played the game, as I am not familiar with the controls for this game. The one written walkthrough I am aware of doesn't tell you what controls to use, unfortunately.
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Re: What Became of Edith Finch - ?? - 12/31/17 08:17 PM

Hard to tell from looking at playthroughs, but is there an option for click-and-drag with mouse? or hold down one keyboard key while moving the key with other keyboard keys?
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Re: What Became of Edith Finch - ?? - 01/01/18 09:45 AM


I've played this game but do not have it installed any more. And I played it using a gamepad. Tried googling a bit but didn't find answer to your problem.

But - I can nothing but recommend buying a genuine Microsoft XBox One (or 360) wired Controller for Windows. They are the most supported gamepads in virtually any game having gamepad support. And almost every new game has full gamepad support these days.

I own both but the XBox 360 model wore out after 3 years of extensive use and the left stick didn't perfectly center any more, even recalibration helped only a small time. There is virtually no difference between those models, only menu and start buttons have different icons. Considering that it is strange why you can get the 360 model with even half the price of model One.

I've seen people complaining about 3rd party gamepads not always being recognised by games that support Microsoft gamepads so I recommend fetching a genuine Microsoft product.

Sometimes games mention only wired models are supported and because of vibration feedback the USB-power through wire is economical compared to wireless usage with batteries. My model One is wireless but I use it with USB-cord and without batteries. I can't remember for sure if that is possible with wireless 360 model. But both wired models are safe purchase.

I can understand those used to keyboard/mouse controls are keen to them but in many games gamepad offers more natural and intuitive control for many functions like pushing, pulling, rotating etc. Plus you can play more relaxed sitting in arnchair and leaning back if you want.

I enjoyed playing this "What remains of Edith Finch" although it made me fell quite sad for a while. If you liked the exploring and revealing the story part by part you may also like "Ether One" from few years back.