The Birdwatcher (Carol Reed 13)

Posted by: RebKean

The Birdwatcher (Carol Reed 13) - 01/02/18 10:09 AM

No, it hasn't been released yet (January the 3rd is the day to remember)
It is now for sale! mdna-games

I thought I'd open up a thread for any help seekers that will come along.
I have just completed a video walkthrough, and here it is. The Birdwatcher - Walkthrough
If you watch it at fullscreen, it gets a bit blurry. The file would be enourmous otherwise.

I know many prefer a written walkthrough, but I personally can't do that, so this is the best help I can give.
Of course I can answer questions as well, so if Mikael isn't here quickly enough, I will try and assist. sherlock

Posted by: Marian

Re: The Birdwatcher (Carol Reed 13) - 01/02/18 10:58 AM

This is a nice idea, Kim, and I appreciate your thinking of it. Thank you also for the upcoming video walkthrough. thumbsup12
Posted by: RebKean

Re: The Birdwatcher (Carol Reed 13) - 01/02/18 12:24 PM

Thanks! I realize now that there are not that many games I can actually help with, but I do know Carol, so it feels good if I can do something useful. hearts