House of Da Vinci

Posted by: sureshot

House of Da Vinci - 03/08/18 04:10 PM

Hi folks

I am at the large wheel in the astrolab room. I figured out the Moon Phase puzzle easy enough but I don't know what to do with the next puzzle... this is the one with the tiles clicking around the dial and a movable arm I can turn, but what am I supposed to do here ? duh

Great game by the way !! thumbsup
Posted by: Marian

Re: House of Da Vinci - 03/08/18 04:23 PM

I don't know if the walkthrough has been completed or not, but you can find one here. It is in Dutch, but you can run it through Google translate. I also found a walkthrough here.

And maybe someone else familiar with the game will be able to offer some assistance, as well.
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Re: House of Da Vinci - 03/08/18 07:07 PM

Thank you Marian

I did see the second link walkthrough but the person who did it does not explain what to do and I can't follow what he did. The first link is in Dutch which Google translates fine but it only goes to Chapter 7 - The Tower, and seems to be incomplete.

I can try tinkering with it but it would be great if someone can explain what I am supposed to do.

I'll keep trying anyway.

Thank you again.
Posted by: Marian

Re: House of Da Vinci - 03/08/18 07:33 PM

You are welcome, and sorry that didn't help. The Dutch walkthrough is a work in progress, apparently. smile
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Re: House of Da Vinci - 03/08/18 09:53 PM

That was a TUFF puzzle for me as well. You are basically chasing the inner tiles with the outer tiles. if you take notice, there are groups of tiles that move together & you have to move the outer tiles with the arm. Every time you "catch" a group a light will glow to let you know you got one. When you get them all you'll have to re-set the the moons.Be prepared...this was maybe the most frustrating puzzle in the game for me & you have to do it several times. That's the best way I can describe what I did. GOOD LUCK!!
Posted by: Marian

Re: House of Da Vinci - 03/08/18 10:13 PM

Thanks very much for your help, Scotty; it is appreciated.
Posted by: Marinus_Louis

Re: House of Da Vinci - 03/09/18 02:02 AM

The House of Da Vinci walkthrough that is currently on my site is been made by Lion_1251 and he is doing this in Dutch and in English at the same time. Dick also does the screenshots for this walkthrough. Dick Leeuw does the text of the walkthrough in Word and then he sent it to me along with all the screenshots. I then turn it into a HTML web page and load it up to my site. The walkthrough is currently a "work in progress" and Dick works very hard at it to get it finished. So let us give Dick the time he need to finish this walkthrough

The walkthrough has progressed until the end of Chapter 6, in Dutch and in English. Dick has sent me Chapter 7, but I haven't found the time to place the screenshots in Chapter 7 yet. Chapter 7 is currently only text. I will put all the screenshots in it as soon as I can find the time to do so. Dick will sent me the next capters when he has done them

If you want the English version then go to my site and click on the link ENGLISH VERSION, to open up my English page, there you can find the links to the English walkthroughs, including The House of Da Vinci

I do not play this game currently so I do not know anything about it's gameplay or the puzzles. If you have any questions regarding this game, gameplay, puzzles or otherwise,then you better ask Lion_1251 (Dick Leeuw) because he's totaly "IN" this game right now. I'm sure that Dick can help you out.

Happy Gaming

Posted by: Lion_1251

Re: House of Da Vinci - 03/09/18 03:30 AM

It is what SCOTTY said, a frustrating puzzle. You see sometimes white letters in the inner side, these you have to catch with the arm and stay in the white letters.

It is very difficult to descrbe how to solve it, just keep turning the arm and hope to the catch the white letters.
I have looked at the video walkthroughs but it is not clear how to solve it.
Sometimes I was turning the arm with no white letters in sight and suddenly I was zoomed out, the puzzle was solved.

I have no better way to describe the solution.

Like Louis said I have send chapter 7, the first part of the tower to Louis.
I have started with chapter 8, for the most puzzles I have found a standard solution, not the try and try and try method.
Now I have to find a way to describe that in words.

Have a little patience and I will finish the walkthrough.

Have fun with the game,

Posted by: SCOTTY

Re: House of Da Vinci - 03/09/18 09:06 AM

Hey Lion. Very tricky puzzle. I didn't mention the "white/lit up" letter tiles because even that sorta had me baffled. I would catch a group when the tiles were lit up & thought..OH!! OK..They have to be lit in order to catch them but then I would catch one that was not lit?? Matter of fact...The last one I caught that ended & finally solved the puzzle was unlit & the BIG light explosion happened & I thought "Was that it? Did I do it? But the tiles weren't lit??" I was a lil confused but HAPPY!! All I can think is you are supposed to catch them when they're lit but the puzzle's physics may be a little forgiving? WONDERFUL GAME. Awesome graphics, fun, challenging & yes a few frustrating puzzles but that's what a great puzzle adventure should consist. A few of the puzzles are even MYST or RHEM worthy. I will be glad to help anyone "stuck" in this game. GOOD LUCK!!
Posted by: Lion_1251

Re: House of Da Vinci - 03/09/18 11:21 AM

Hey Scotty,

I have finished the game already 1 time and now I am playing and writing the walkthrough.
I have to play it once again to find the achievements, I thought i am not playing via Steam so I don't need the achievements.
These achievements are in the game itself.
Click in the main menu on achievements and you are in a different part where you can play with the inventions of Da Vinci.

If you like this, have you played The Room 1 + 2? Another great game is Xing, the land beyond.

Posted by: sureshot

Re: House of Da Vinci - 03/09/18 04:02 PM

OK I want to thank you all, SCOTTY - Lion_1251 - Marinus_Louis and Marian for the help !! I now have a good idea at solving this !! I think I understand what is happening and with your descriptions I am confident I can get past this puzzle.

I am playing it on my Grandson's PC - he uses STEAM - I will not use STEAM - I have a new, very high end Alienware PC and I am not going to put STEAM on it to play single player adventure games I purchase.

Lion_1251 I would really like to see ROOM games and XING become available DRM free. If not, I am sorry I will have to pass on them.
Posted by: SCOTTY

Re: House of Da Vinci - 03/09/18 09:03 PM

I have played both ROOM games. Both really fun though I thought ROOM TWO was a bit more complex & difficult. I did hear a rumor there is a ROOM THREE for PC in the works? I did not play XING yet...Looks interesting. I was probably 3/4 of my way thru QUERN when my hard drive & mother board died...and went to XING smile I have a new PC with a new video card gfx180, so I'm anxious to start QUERN over!! I did do the Achievements. Pretty cool little bonus feature!! GOOD LUCK with the walkthrough, I look forward to seeing it!!
Posted by: Lion_1251

Re: House of Da Vinci - 03/10/18 04:47 AM

Quern is an exellent game, I love to play it.
An other very good game is The Eyes of Ara, have you played that one.

Marinus_Louis and I made a walkthrough for both games, they are in Dutch but with google translate it is readable.
These walkthroughs have lots of screenshots.

You can find them on

You also can find there a walkthrough for Xing, The Land beyond, on the homepage you see English Version.
Click on there and you find the english walkthroughs we made, one of them is Xing.

Posted by: Lion_1251

Re: House of Da Vinci - 03/10/18 05:33 AM

I also prefer DRM free games but some games are only availble on Steam.
I watch first a video walkthrough of the game not for the solutions but to see the game.
If I like it very much and the price is wright, then I will play it on Steam.

Posted by: Marinus_Louis

Re: House of Da Vinci - 03/10/18 05:41 AM

As far as I know Xing the Land Beyond is a DRM free game, so you can play it outside STEAM, I did it the last 2 times I played XING. But I had to play Xing the first 2 times in STEAM to do the screenshots for the walkthrough. I couldn't make screenshots in the game with Fraps or any other thirth party screencapture programm, but in STEAM I could use the F12 key to do the screenshots, witch then are stored automaticaly on my harddrive.

I know that lots of gamers aren't fan of STEAM and to be honest I'm not either. But one of the nice things of STEAM is that your game automaticaly gets updated with patches and in the case of XING The Land Beyond that's a big plus. If you have the very first version of XING you will not be having the JUMP ASSIST, that makes all the jumping in the game a lot easier. If you have bought the game on STEAM then your version of XING will be automaticaly updated with all the new patches for the game. So let's face it....if you want to play realy good and interesting games then you will have to use STEAM occasionaly, but you do not have to do this on-line. Usualy you can play STEAM games in off-line mode

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Re: House of Da Vinci - 03/10/18 02:49 PM

Yes - QUERN was an excellent game so was The Eyes of ARA ! I got them via G.O.G.

I did get through the 2 moving tile puzzles in Chapter 7 The Tower, by the way. Thank you all for your help !

I put that game on my grandson's PC to show him that there are games that fun to play and are not RPG or multi-player shoot-em-ups ! I finished it - and he is enjoying it now .. bravo
Posted by: Lion_1251

Re: House of Da Vinci - 03/11/18 05:53 AM

I got these games and a couple other ones via Kickstarter, most of the times you can choose for DRM free.

I also got a lot of games via G.O.G.

I am now waiting for ZED via Kickstarter.

I have only adventure and puzzle games.