Guided Tour #4 of GameBoomers

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Guided Tour #4 of GameBoomers - 08/08/06 08:58 PM

Last Tour of GameBoomers.

So, for this last tour, I’m wearing my GameBoomers t-shirt and holding my GB mug for the champagne. And we even have some stretching exercises for you at some point during the ride to get those legs ready for a walk or two at different sections.

We just arrived at The Game Publishers & Developers section.

Scroll down the page to discover a huge list of some of the peoples that make our game we so dearly love to play. You will find in there some known names and I guess you will have to explore the place by yourself to find what you may be looking for.

Our second stop, The Patches page is a very useful one for us players.

You got a game that won’t perform properly?
This is the place to find most of the patches direct from the game publishers and other popular games sites.
Our goal at Boomers is to make sure you enjoy all your gaming experiences.

The GameBoomers Community supports the efforts of independent developers and developers of games that do not have adequate distribution in all parts of the world.
You can get information about the games, see screen shots, downloads the demos and even order the games.

Go down the page, you may find some interesting games you did not play up to now.

Our fourth stop will be Free Games Galore.

Believe it or not, free games of all types: Adventure games – RPG, Strategy or Action games – Arcade games – Puzzle, Card and Children games.
GameBoomers is proud to offer this list of free games by Independent Developers.
Many games recommended by our members and checked by me are posted but you can also find multi games sites where you will have an endless number of all sorts of games just waiting for you to play them: just look in the section named “Developers and other Free Games Sites”.

Enjoy , it’s free.

Our very last stop is The GameBoomers Store.

We can’t finish our Tour without visiting a store. Go around the place and look around. Remember this visit of the store is just a stop in our tour and no salestalk intended.

Well, this is the last tour. Hope that this entire venture to GameBoomers’ world was to your satisfaction. Come back again and enjoy the different sections.

A commemorative full-color printed program including the four Tours will now be distributed for all the members as a souvenir.

I think it is time to rise our glasses to celebrate GameBoomers with the Members, the Administration, the Moderators and other Staff members.
Long life to the Boomers.

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Posted by: looney4labs

Re: Guided Tour #4 of GameBoomers - 08/08/06 09:24 PM

Thanks Chief-- wave

It's great to know about all the neat resources available here-- laugh
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Re: Guided Tour #4 of GameBoomers - 08/08/06 09:32 PM

L4L, from Review to Free Games Galore, it is a big site laugh

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Posted by: Darlene

Re: Guided Tour #4 of GameBoomers - 08/09/06 01:21 AM

bravo Aaahhhh.....I raise my glass (uh, mug wink ) to Gameboomers! Here, here!! praise praise
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Re: Guided Tour #4 of GameBoomers - 08/09/06 01:41 PM

Here, here!!

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Posted by: Becky

Re: Guided Tour #4 of GameBoomers - 08/10/06 12:16 PM

Another nice tour! I loved the bit about having to finish the tour with a store (I think I've spent more time in the Washington D.C. monument shops than in the monuments themselves -- this comes from having teenage daughters in tow).
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Re: Guided Tour #4 of GameBoomers - 08/10/06 02:58 PM

Becky, don't we all do that. You go to a museum, you walk in the store. You go to a botanical garden, you have to see the store duh

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Posted by: Becky

Re: Guided Tour #4 of GameBoomers - 08/11/06 03:50 AM

Yes -- been there, done that! lol
Posted by: joanie39

Re: Guided Tour #4 of GameBoomers - 08/11/06 08:27 AM

thumbsupWhat a great job Chief! Thank you so much. I really enjoyed the tour. wave
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Re: Guided Tour #4 of GameBoomers - 08/11/06 01:29 PM

Very glad you liked it Joanie.

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