Hitchcock: The Final Cut

Posted by: C. White

Hitchcock: The Final Cut - 04/22/02 12:48 PM

Am finding the ladder at the Hotel impossible to get thru. I saved the game just before the final ladder on roof.
I start up the ladder get to the top and the controls will not let me move or do anything at all.
I start the lights and then thats it. I get the screen explaining the deaths and that I'm going fishing.
Have I missed something in the previous areas or do I have a glitch in the loading of the game?
Where did I go wrong?
Posted by: syd

Re: Hitchcock: The Final Cut - 04/22/02 12:58 PM

You haven't done anything wrong - this seems to be a glitch in the game for some people with GeForce cards. The best I can tell you to do is go into the hotel and see if either the phone is ringing or you can get through that locked door on the second floor - it leads to the outside. If either of those things happen you're one of the lucky ones that the game solves that miserable arcade roof walking sequence for.

Also know that the phone ringing could be triggered by something else also (after I crossed the roof it never rang for me - something else caused it to start ringing and I have no idea what). As far as I could tell the only thing that roof escapade did for me was let me get into the hotel via the locked door.