7th Guest Heart Maze

Posted by: Mome

7th Guest Heart Maze - 09/29/03 04:12 PM

Does anyone remember the heart maze puzzle in the 7th Guest?? I have tried every which way to get that blood flowing & still no luck.
Posted by: MaG

Re: 7th Guest Heart Maze - 09/29/03 04:19 PM

Hi Mome,

Here's a step by step of the heart puzzle . It might help. wave
Posted by: BarryLF

Re: 7th Guest Heart Maze - 09/30/03 10:43 AM

The best way to do this puzzle is to start at the end and do it backwards.
Posted by: Mome

Re: 7th Guest Heart Maze - 10/01/03 10:08 PM

Thank you all. My 'computer perosn' was afraid to do anything about sending a saved game since we just barely got the DOS game up & running on my Windows 98 ME. We downloaded the patches & everything is going OK & we are afraid to do anything that might (probably won't) mess up the game. Anyway, I went to the book in the library & let it solve the heart maze. Have now gotten thru the grate puzzle & am struggling thru the maze.
Will probably be back for more help!!
Posted by: Mome

Re: 7th Guest Heart Maze - 10/05/03 10:13 PM

I cheated & went to the book in the library to get thru the heart maze. Now I am struggling with the other maze you go after doing the grate puzzle.Boy is it a mess. I've got some WTs & some drawings that are "supposed" to help you thru it but I am having trouble even understanding & following the diagram. But, I work at it for awhile before I holler.
Posted by: Mome

Re: 7th Guest Heart Maze - 10/06/03 04:08 PM

I am hollering!! I can't get thru the maze after doing the grate puzzle. I have a hint from www,onthenet.com but it is just a lot of lines & I can't understand where they go. I need a 'go left then go right sort of thing. Any help out there for that??
Posted by: Liz

Re: 7th Guest Heart Maze - 10/06/03 09:44 PM

In one of the upstairs bedrooms, there is a rug on the floor that is a map of the basement maze. Even with that, though; it's a hard maze!!! Good luck.......i've been lost in that maze many times.......

........feeling lonelyyyyyyyy????????

Posted by: Mome

Re: 7th Guest Heart Maze - 10/06/03 10:03 PM

Thanks I'll try going back to look at the rug. Should have thought of that!!
Posted by: Mome

Re: 7th Guest Heart Maze - 10/07/03 04:08 PM

How can I get from the maze (after doing the grate) back to the library to get help from the book?
Posted by: MaG

Re: 7th Guest Heart Maze - 10/07/03 05:53 PM

Take a look at this hints that has a sort of a map . It might give you a nudge to get you going. wave
Posted by: BarryLF

Re: 7th Guest Heart Maze - 10/07/03 07:09 PM

This maze is hard, follow these instructions
Once through the grate and the ghost beckons you in:Take the fifth right turn
Go straight until you come to a wall, turn right
Take your next right
Go right and then turn left
Turn right, go straight, turn right, and finally turn left.
You're OUT
Posted by: granny

Re: 7th Guest Heart Maze - 10/07/03 09:15 PM

I've tried these directions dozens of times and can't get it.
When you say "Take the FIFTH right turn, do you mean to actually click forward FIVE TIMES???? I run out of forward moves!!!
Or are we supposed to somehow count the right turn openings as they flash by? Can't do that either, it moves too fast.
Posted by: Mome

Re: 7th Guest Heart Maze - 10/08/03 09:57 PM

Thank you BarryLF. I got thru the maze finally, got thru the crypt & was in the bathroom doing the knight puzzle when my #@#@#@# computer decided to go blank on me, which means I will have to go back thru the maze. Also, I noticed that I only have 3 saves left on the Ouija board. Is there any doubling up on the #s like 10 11 etc, or am I going to have to spend all day just playing until I finish the game? (Won't my husband like that!!)
Posted by: LadyKestrel

Re: 7th Guest Heart Maze - 10/09/03 05:01 PM

I just played THE 7TH GUEST for the first time last week and had a great time with it. (Love those creepy cursors but not those spiders!)

After finishing the grate puzzle fairly quickly, I stepped into the maze without realizing what I was getting into and before I saw the map on the rug upstairs. I got so lost that I finally had to quit and reload to check out the map. However, I also had to redo the grate puzzle which, for some reason, was much harder the second time around. (Probably because it was nearly 1:00 A.M. and my cognitive powers had already gone to sleep.) Anyhow, I made it through the maze only to be rewarded with...another puzzle! (Sheesh!)

Several people have said how difficult they thought the microscope puzzle was, but I was lucky to solve it after 3 tries. I thought the knight puzzle was a real buster, though.

Lady Kestrel
Posted by: LadyKestrel

Re: 7th Guest Heart Maze - 10/10/03 10:23 PM

I hope you're not still lost in that maze. Just remember that the game will stop you at the important junctions. From the beginning, the first turn is the 5th righthand opening. Follow the directions given on the previous page by BarryLF and remember that the computer will take you around corners a few times. Don't worry about those turns, just follow the directions each time you stop. Good luck.

On my Mac, I had to reset my preferred game memory. It defaulted to 3000K and had to be reset to 2300K to avoid crashes.

Lady K.