Black Dahlia ... Where is Lizzy?

Posted by: Puzzlewoman

Black Dahlia ... Where is Lizzy? - 05/24/02 06:22 PM

This is my second time playing the game...what Fun happydance happydance happydance However, I am experiencing a problem I didn't the first time around. I was at the ABC warehouse and went to the RKO studio and got booted out by the security gaurd but then I am stuck. I go to the Billmore Hotel and supposedly LIzzy should be there to talk to but the bartender just says she's not been in yet. ??

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Posted by: Nellie

Re: Black Dahlia ... Where is Lizzy? - 05/25/02 03:55 PM

There's actually a bug in the game that prevents you from getting your package if you do things in a certain order. If the game is waiting for you to get your package before it makes Lizzie show up, perhaps this is what's wrong. There's a patch you can download which fixes this - you'll probably be able to find it using a search engine.