Gabriel Knight3-killing scene

Posted by: Anonymous

Gabriel Knight3-killing scene - 05/26/02 06:28 PM

hi. i am in the scene where you find the two dudes drained of blood except i have a problem. i found the blood pool and did all of the icons on it but i cant get any readings on the knee indents. all i hear when i press the look button over it is there is no blood on the clothes?????????????HELP HELP HELP HHEEEEEELLLLLLLPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!tell me if the is anything i need to do away from the murder scene before i can examine the knee???please help! mad mad mad frown frown
Posted by: s109199

Re: Gabriel Knight3-killing scene - 06/15/02 01:47 PM

The kneemarks is not close to the bodys at all. After finish all talking with Mosely, move your camera around to a little place sourended by trees. It is a lot of red stuff on the ground. Look at it and around, the marks is close to the edge of the blood. Thinking is like a lightbulb by the way.
Good luck