Fable (old game)

Posted by: Anonymous

Fable (old game) - 05/26/02 10:18 PM

I just started playing this old game, Fable, for the fun of it. I became stuck at one point in the game so I searched for walkthroughs, but none of them seem to help. Here is the problem: According to the walkthroughs, Quickthorpe is supposed to give the statuette from the hag's house to the well-dressed gentleman at the Edge of the Forest crossroads. However, when I try to do this, nothing new happens (the same dialogue) and I can't get past him. Here is exactly what I do: I go to inventory and "take" the statuette, then I click it on the "well-dressed gentleman". All three walkthroughs that I found said that this would work, but it doesn't. Can you please tell me what I am doing wrong? Here is what I have in inventory: medallion, statuette, rope (short and long), leaves, chili peppers, bag of seeds, the orb.
Posted by: bredon

Re: Fable (old game) - 05/27/02 10:50 AM

Does it actually say on the bottom: "Give the statuette to the well dressed gentleman"?

Move the statuette around until it does..

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Re: Fable (old game) - 05/27/02 11:14 AM

Did you talk to him about what he does want? As I remember it, he didn't want the statue but accepted it for a one time pass. And think you got to get something from him.
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Re: Fable (old game) - 05/28/02 02:53 PM

Thanks for the replies. They were helpful to get me unstuck. Bredon, you set me on the right track. I had been left clicking the statuette on the gentleman when it said "Use statuette with well-dressed gentleman". While clicking madly all over the guy, I accidently clicked the right mouse button and the "Use..." changed to "Give...". Voila! Acornia you also remmebered correctly. You have to come back and give him the pearl necklace once you get it. Thanks again.