Driuds: Catching The Cat?

Posted by: GoGirl

Driuds: Catching The Cat? - 05/27/02 04:00 PM

Hi: I'm following the GB W/T however, after I finish a converstaion with Pierre and walk towards the carmor crate, the cat has already walked from the 2 crates to the 3 barrels and stays there. I wait by the camror crate/lampost, no luck. Then I go thru the steps again and wait by the 2 crates that are on top of each other, no luck. Can someone explain the steps to me? Thanks.

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Posted by: Tally Ho

Re: Driuds: Catching The Cat? - 05/27/02 05:23 PM

Do you see the picture in the walkthrough? Stand there. No other location works. If, for some reason, the cat seems to be ahead of where you want it to be, just stand there and be patient. The cat goes through a routine, and will cycle back around again. Wait for it, until it sits behind the two crates, then steps out and sits to groom for a moment. Have the Green Scarf in your hand so you are ready.