Posted by: kat165

Dust - 05/27/02 07:56 PM

I am at the end of the game, underground. I think I have the symbols for the wheel correct and know that they should be arranged pointed away from me, but I cannot get into the rooms. Every room I go in is pitch dark. If I go as far as I can into the room, a voice warns me and then turns me back around so I am facing the outer room that contains the wheel. How do I get the doors to open? And if I have the symbols lined up correctly should I hear some kind of click or sound to indicate that I've got it right?

All of the wts I've found are very vague. Thanks!
Posted by: Witchen

Re: Dust - 05/27/02 09:40 PM

Hi ya', Kat....Boy, its been years since I played this one....but if you are where I think you might be, in the circular room with all the exits leading off of it, you have to enter the dark passages in the mine and solve the puzzle in the right order. Just to point you in the right direction, (if I have you in the right spot) you do the Winter passage first. You have to go to the dias and align the symbols for Winter, then the moon, then a picture of sunrise. Then you should be able to go down the passage to an inner room and complete the rest of the requirements there.

The black book in Oona's bedroom has all the information you need to solve the mine puzzles.

Hope this helps! If not, just give us another yell.

Love, Witchen =o) smile