On Assignment - the ladder/church

Posted by: gatorlaw

On Assignment - the ladder/church - 05/28/02 11:42 AM

Finally got my full copy in last week.

Of course I am stuck. I am not sure if this is a game glitch or what. I went to the church, lit candle, read map, ate food drank the coke. I couldn't exit til I got the ladder which put me outside looking at the front door of the church.

I get no movement arrows and I can't find any place to use the ladder or I should say in which the ladder works. Was I supposed to use it inside the church? Am I supposed to be able to turn around and use it elsewhere? A hint here would be most appreciated. smile

Posted by: Jenny

Re: On Assignment - the ladder/church - 05/28/02 01:20 PM

Welcome to the crowd of hair-pullers, Laura!

When you exit the building, pull up your ladder from inventory. It will show up on the left top of your screen. You don't have to go anywhere, just drag it to the right side of the building.

Hurry up--we're ALL stuck!!!!! blush mad
Posted by: Jenny

Re: On Assignment - the ladder/church - 05/28/02 01:40 PM

Originally posted by gatorlaw:

Hmmmmmm I figured you guys would be long gone and done with this game by now.

Just wait......