Titanic - getting painting

Posted by: Anonymous

Titanic - getting painting - 05/30/02 02:21 PM

Help! When I go to get the painting from the cargo hold it's gone! I've only found one walkthrough (by Lu Richardson) and have followed it to the letter, twice, yet it still comes up missing. What am I doing wrong?
(I've gotten Georgia's necklace, Zeital's pipe and the Rubiyat, played blackjack, stolen and sent the telegrams, given the package to Vlad, found the cufflink, stolen the key to the car....)
Posted by: Witchen

Re: Titanic - getting painting - 05/30/02 05:00 PM

Hi there, jrcbuz........ smile

Did you adjust the steam turbine's output appropriately to stop the racket it makes? If you didn't find the painting yet and you gave the package of clothes to Vlad after engaging him in conversation, you are on the right track. Vlad's already found the Rubiyat. The best TITANIC walkthrough IMHO is RIGHT HERE

You have an opportunity to get the painting back from Vlad later in the game....about half way through I think. smile

Best wishes and bon voyage......

Witchen =o) smile