The Mystery Of The Druids

Posted by: GoGirl

The Mystery Of The Druids - 06/06/02 01:50 AM

Hi: I'm in the kitchen, have all the herbs in my inventory, crushed them all. However, all I've managed to do is change the bowl of water from purple to "muddy brown". I am following the GB W/T. Can someone tell me the the correct herb and the order in which I put it in the bowl. I don't understand the W/T's recipe. Story of my life: Can't Cook. Please list step by step.


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Posted by: Moogie

Re: The Mystery Of The Druids - 06/06/02 06:18 AM

Dug out my notes and I've got that you put in 2 ozs of red (cinnamon); 2 ozs of yellow (unknown) and 1 oz of blue (anniseed) then the water and that should work.