Kadish Tolesa Age

Posted by: Anonymous

Kadish Tolesa Age - 12/02/03 10:58 PM

After aligning the 3 disklike devices the door does not open. I have checked online walkthroughs and the position of the devices matches the online guides. Is this a game glitch?
Anybody else having this problem?
This game is shelved until I figure this out.
Posted by: Rice burner

Re: Kadish Tolesa Age - 12/03/03 01:56 AM

Hi Kab,
I haven't played this game yet but maybe someone will see your post that has. I'm sure there is an explanation. In the meantime you might want to go back to a previous save and do that part again. Sometimes this clears up little glitches.
Posted by: Becky

Re: Kadish Tolesa Age - 12/03/03 06:16 AM

kablooy -- aligning these devices is extremely tricky. I'm not sure what to tell you except to check the walkthrough and see if you could have mistaken one "arm" that moves for another. Is your walkthrough in color? That would make seeing the solution considerably easier.

Also, when the door does open there isn't a sound to let you know that it's open -- you have to keep walking back over there to look at it.
Posted by: Footprint

Re: Kadish Tolesa Age - 12/03/03 06:41 AM

I found one walktrough that gives a wrong picture of the second wheel. The only right positions are found in the room you can visit through the linking book.

I took the 'blunt' approach of taking screenshots of all the displays in that room and pasting them into a wordprocessor to output them on my color printer. They were of tremendous help that way, though I only needed pictures of the 'three wheels', 'highlighted path at a mozaik floor', and 3 shots of '6 rotating numbered statues'.
Posted by: Footprint

Re: Kadish Tolesa Age - 12/03/03 06:44 AM

BTW, kablooy, if you stay stuck there I can go back to my game to see how many clicks you need to give each control to get them right.
Posted by: dadguy

Re: Kadish Tolesa Age - 12/03/03 06:22 PM

I have played through the game a lot. I wish I had a nickle for every time I was SURE that I had the ring settings right... only to go back, look again and see that I was overlooking something.

My guess is that you have something incorrect... take a closer look. It is easy to get it wrong.