Hitchcock ran out of coins! Help!

Posted by: Anonymous

Hitchcock ran out of coins! Help! - 06/12/02 11:12 AM

I got the red slide card and did everything else according to the walkthrough, but not in that exact order, and now the game won't let me get the blue slide card or Andia from the slot machine. What should I do? Is there a blue slide card at all in this version and is it hidden somewhere else? My last saved game is beyond the point that follows the walkthrough exactly and I would have to start all over. I think I have the american version because the scaffolding scene was cut. Please Help.
Posted by: gatorlaw

Re: Hitchcock ran out of coins! Help! - 06/12/02 11:33 AM

Unfortunately - I think you'll have to go back and re-do this part.

This is a really good game BUT there are at least 4 places I found that have game ending built in glitches. One of these is at this machine. If you do not get everything you need out of the machine the first time you are there - the machine is not assesible later on in the game. I had to reload and do the machine part over.

There are three key places where if you do things out of coded game path you will get stuck and have to restart from a saved game to get the game to advance. These were posted in a thread last year.

Here's the thread: Hitchcock Dead Ends

Hope this helps - it really is otherwise a great game and very different. smile