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Timelapse - 04/06/02 12:31 AM

Hey "gang" have installed new game, Timelapse, and so far am enjoying it thoroughly. After Atlantis Lost Tales and Last Express, this is a real treat. Am at the cave and have lit the lantern but can't seem to get it off the hook to carry into the cave with me. Is there some secret? I probably will stumble on it eventually but right now have not been able to move it. rolleyes
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Re: Timelapse - 04/06/02 04:57 AM

Hi -

You won't need to take the lantern with you. Once you have lighted it, you can see throughout the cave.

Enjoy this game - it's an all-time favorite of mine!
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Re: Timelapse - 04/07/02 07:01 PM

Still hugely enjoying Timelapse especially the camera feature. What a neat idea. Only think is I am wondering if you can 'undo', erase some pictures? I have taken some that I really would rather have made notes about and save my film. So does anyone know if you can undo a picture? Anyway still enjoying the game - got the lantern lit finally and am wandering around in the cave where I am collecting stone faces and promptly losing them again. So not sure what that is all about as yet. Fun fun fun. laugh
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Re: Timelapse - 04/07/02 07:48 PM

Spare that camera - there is only one roll of 'film' - and when you use it up, that's it. I forget if it's 12, 24, 0r 36 pics. Be stingy.
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Re: Timelapse - 04/08/02 05:00 PM

The puzzle I am working on is on a wall in the temple where there seem to be four plaques with dots or line on each and there are 3 tiers of plaques. I am sure there is some logical method to depress the plaques in some order but so far, have not figured it out. Also there is a calendar of two wheels that one can revolve and get dots and lines but so far have not been able to coordinate that with the wall puzzle. Have looked in the journal for hints but unless I am a little dense here - did not find much. Must study that journal again. I have a WT sitting right in front of me with the answer, but darned if I want to spoil the game by peeking - at least not yet! laugh
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Re: Timelapse - 04/08/02 05:45 PM

Okay -

The dots and lines thing is math. It's addition. It's part puzzle and part teaching. Once you solve it, you will access something else in this room.
information about the calendar wheels:

Obviously, you must rotate them both until the correct symbols meet. Check outside on the stone tablets you saw coming up the hill.

Look for highlighted symbols.

At the wheels, play with them until you discover how to control them.

It helps to ratchet one up and down.
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Re: Timelapse - 04/10/02 04:13 PM

Okay. It's simple addition alright, but the pieces don't move, do they? So you need to select them in a certain order (there are many solutions)

It helps if you write the values down on paper, using normal numbers. Think like this: What number on the top row, added to which number in the middle row, yields which answer on the bottom row. More:

The bars are five, and the dots are one. So, the groups you need to find are 12 + 1 = 13; 20 + 2 = 22; 14 + 9 - 23; and 13 + 8 = 21. You must find these groups, but you can find them in any order.
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Re: Timelapse - 04/15/02 03:36 PM

Playing the snake game consistently. However, I find that no matter how quick I get the gem over to the opponent's side, I still get blown back to beginning (or near it) by a snake. I can have the gem in the opponent's board and the game pauses for a moment and then the snake still blows me backwards. Occasionally the opponent will land on a snake and NOT get blown back. So either I do not understand the rules or am not doing something right. Anyone else have these problems?
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Re: Timelapse - 04/15/02 04:08 PM

When you land on the snake you can stop yourself from having to go back if you move some of your gems in your collection over to your opponent's. This is how come your opponent does not always have to move back when he lands on a snake. He's paying the toll. This must be done pretty quickly though. Try fooling around with doing it and you'll get the hang of it real fast.

Hugs, Cheryl
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Re: Timelapse - 04/20/02 11:13 PM

Still struggline through Timelapse, but enjoying it, and have reached a stalemate. I have successfully whirled that calendar around and gotten the music sounds that signify success. And all the icons match up. However, I cannot get the jaguar temple to open and when I do, the Lizard temple then is closed. I have checked the icons on the freize but it shows whenever the icon for jaguar is lit up, the lizard goes off and vice verca. What did I miss. I have checked and rechecked the calendar to make sure the icons were correct and I they are. I also heard the music for both jaguar and lizard. So not sure what to do now - helppppppppppppppp!.
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Re: Timelapse - 04/21/02 05:09 PM

The 'jump circle' is not available for locations you have not previously visited. If you didn't already visit the Jaguar temple, it's only because you didn't find the stairs. Look at the temple from the front. The center entrance leads down and underneath the temple. To actually get inside, you need to climb up the steps which are to the right of center. It's the only steps that are off-center this way.