Legend of the Prophets etc

Posted by: Doris

Legend of the Prophets etc - 04/16/02 07:09 PM

I have just started this game and I am in the city and I know I am supposed to poke the scaffold board with my sword (and I assume make it move slightly so you know you have poked it.)I can't do that. So I went on my way to talk to the man on top of the scaffolding, fine so far, but now I am to look down and pick up a stone on the left......no stone. HELP please and thank you.
Posted by: DoreenS

Re: Legend of the Prophets etc - 04/16/02 09:08 PM

If you are right under the man turn around and walk back to the intersection. There are stones on the ground there. Turn and throw the stones from there.
The place where you stick your sword up in the rafter is at the end of an alley to the right. You have to make your way there through the streets.

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