Versailles 1685

Posted by: jbmanx

Versailles 1685 - 02/18/03 01:41 PM

I hope someone has the answer to the following problem I encountered when playing Versailles 1685.

Near the beginning of Act II, after speaking to Bontemps in the King's Bedchamber, I am supposed to open the cupboard to the left of Bontemps and take out a candle and a key (yes, I got so stuck I had to resort to a peek at a walkthrough to see where I went wrong). However, the cupboard door is slightly open and will not open any further to allow access. I have started three new games and played through to the same spot and had the same thing happen. I can find no patch for this game, and up to the point of accessing the cupboard, it ran like a charm.

I have a new Pentium 4 machine with loads of RAM and Windows XP.

Has anyone else had this problem?
Posted by: MaG

Re: Versailles 1685 - 02/18/03 01:59 PM

Hi jb,

I checked 4 wts and saw that that after talking to Bontemps, you need to go to Mde. de Mantenon first and do some exchange of pamphlet with the Usher.

Then go back to the bedchamber - Show "Monsieur Bontemps" the 'Transformed Paper from the casket', say good-bye and turn left to the cupboard and click on it take a candle and the key.

Have you done this plus the goodbye to Bontemps?

Posted by: jbmanx

Re: Versailles 1685 - 02/18/03 03:52 PM

Thank you, MaG, you gave me the answer! I had done the Mme. Maintenon visit and the exchange with the usher, but I showed the wrong thing to Bontemps. Totally forgot about the 'transformed paper from the casket.'

Merci beaucoup, etc.!!!