Dogday gaol

Posted by: sister

Dogday gaol - 03/14/04 03:45 AM

I have fiddled and twiddled the key (dumbell pin)
to the gaol cell until I'm crossing my eyes! I have had a multitude of clicks in a row but nothing is happening. Has anyone any tips how to get out of gaol?
Posted by: MrLipid

Re: Dogday gaol - 03/14/04 07:11 AM

This worked for me:

The pin can be moved in eight directions: North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West and Northwest. Move the pin until you hear a click. Note the direction of the pin at the time it clicked. (This puzzle is different with each game, which means finding a solution is a matter of trial and error.) Move the pin in the direction that produced the click, get the click and then try another move. If you don't get a click, go back to the first move that produced a click and try another move. Repeat until you have a pattern that produces four clicks. The lock will now open.

Note: A successful pattern can include repetition, such as N, NE, S, S.