Stuck in Beyond Atlantis

Posted by: Anonymous

Stuck in Beyond Atlantis - 04/18/02 04:02 PM

Okay, here goes. I made the mistake of getting the second crocodile foot first (the one in the crocodile's mouth in the temple in Maya), and now I'm seemingly stuck in the crocodile room. Since I don't have two obsidian feet to put in the holes in the wall, the hidden door will not open. The door in which I entered is closed and seemingly unopenable. Any ideas to help me with this situation?
Posted by: DocPaul

Re: Stuck in Beyond Atlantis - 04/19/02 08:15 AM

I have a vague recollection that you could put the crocodile foot you obtained in the room back in place, then exit the room and go back for the croc foot on top of the temple.