Conspiracies - Prison Cells!! HELP

Posted by: nolalou

Conspiracies - Prison Cells!! HELP - 12/08/03 07:24 PM

I liked this game until now! I'm in the prison cells, and keep getting killed by those darn 'robots' or whatever they are! GRRRR I've died over 20 times now, and I need help or this game is quicky going to become a coaster!!

If nobody has a saved game, can someone at least tell me how to get from the elevator door the the cell where I free Prokopiou.
Posted by: Red_dup1

Re: Conspiracies - Prison Cells!! HELP - 12/09/03 07:23 PM

From the elevator go right, don't remember if straight down the right corridor but it is in that area.

You know that you can disconnect the laser bars and you are safe in the cells from the robots.