A Quiet Weekend in Capri

Posted by: Debbie Kremlick

A Quiet Weekend in Capri - 10/27/03 03:32 PM

I am at the Piazzetta. I need to find Buca di Bacco. I know I have been by it before but I have been walking around endlessly and can't seem to find it. Directions would be most helpful.


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Posted by: MaG

Re: A Quiet Weekend in Capri - 10/27/03 03:52 PM

You will be confuse for a while and then - it will pick up and you'll have fun.

Stand on the steps overlooking the Piazetta. Go straight to the arched opening of the building across from you. That is the road where you'll find the first greengrocer, a deli and then the restaurant Bucca di Bacco - all on the left side. wave
Posted by: Debbie Kremlick

Re: A Quiet Weekend in Capri - 10/27/03 05:20 PM

Thanks. I have been paying too much attention to the scenery and not enough to what I'm doing and I've been getting lost a lot. I'm more into tropical plants than I am a map! I went by there at least three times and didn't remember that's where it was.

laugh Debbie