Post Mortem-giving evidence to Lebrun

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Post Mortem-giving evidence to Lebrun - 02/23/03 10:39 AM


Pulling my hair out here. I've got all this stinkin' evidence to give Lebrun at the very end of the game but I get no dialogue choices with him (except for Gus saying he's not giving up) and Lebrun won't take anything that I have in inventory. mad I've replayed this and backtracked and still get nowhere. After checking 3 different WT's I'm totally stumped. Any ideas? Sure would appreciate them. <img border="0" alt="pacify" title="" src="graemlins/pacify.gif" />

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Re: Post Mortem-giving evidence to Lebrun - 02/23/03 11:16 AM

Hi Leigh-Anne,

If you can't get LeBrun to take any evidence or dialogue choices - it means you do not have the evidence or have no knowledge of them.

Check the dialogue to progress to the end game from here - Post Mortem WT .

Also check what the dialogue talks about - if you don't have the item-evidence being discussed, it will not appear.

You also might need to read your notes, Hellouin's notes and look close at all the inventories.

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Re: Post Mortem-giving evidence to Lebrun - 02/23/03 01:56 PM

I just thought I'd mention, that there is a dead-end possibility to this game. If you pick up the materials in the lock box at the eatons apartment playing Helouin(spelling?). You will not be able to progress in the game....It happened to me playing through different scenarios...
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Re: Post Mortem-giving evidence to Lebrun - 02/23/03 02:58 PM

Hi MaG,

Thanks! I had already given Lebrun some of my evidence before going to see Bebe after getting the ransom note so I didn't have everything. I just finished the game but wished I didn't have to backtrack 3 times to get it done. It's kind of frustrating that there didn't appear to be any other deadends in the game (and you could usually do something more than one way) and then not be like that at the very end. frown

When you played it, did you get an action cursor at Hellouin's office door? I didn't, and wouldn't have known how on earth to get in there without looking at a WT.

Thanks Bert for the suggestion.........I never did pick up the stuff that Hellouin had in his desk drawer. It just appeared in my inventory after I began playing as Gus again. Weird huh? I also never got a telegram like the WT said I was supposed to. Lots of variables with this game. laugh

Good game but I think I liked Syberia better, and can't wait for Syberia 2! thumbsup

What to play next? Hmmmmmm. Mystery of the Mummy or Harvest? Or maybe Shadow of Destiny. I'll have to think on this a while. lol

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Re: Post Mortem-giving evidence to Lebrun - 02/23/03 04:40 PM


No, I can't remember if I had a cursor on the door but I know that there was a cursor on the doorknob - so I used the lockpick on that first.

Those on tap games are so different!

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