Seven Games of the Soul

Posted by: Tristy

Seven Games of the Soul - 04/23/02 12:24 PM

Can someone help me? I'm in the Second Episode of this game, trying to solve these riddles that Nathaniel left for me. I've got the first few, but now I'm stuck at the waterwheel. I looked at a walkthru and it says I need to turn the waterwheel until I see a 'bucket' with a black edge, and count that as number 1, etc. But my screen is too dark, and all the buckets look the same to me, they all look black. rolleyes Can anyone just tell me how many 'buckets' to go thru from the beginning? Thanks.
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Seven Games of the Soul - 04/23/02 12:49 PM

I don't know how many buckets you have to go through, but one of them has a black thing in it that is pretty obvious. Flip through the buckets until you see it. If you miss stopping it in time, just flip through the buckets again until it comes around again. I had to go through the buckets several times before I managed to stop that one bucket in the right place.