Posted by: chrisdist

DSOM - 04/25/02 08:01 PM


Does anyone know what that little tab is for that pops out of the right side of your VDA when you call it up? It doesn't seem to do anything. Also how do you "draw" the maps? And I think I may have eaten that crystal way too early; do I get another one somewhere?
Posted by: Jenny

Re: DSOM - 04/25/02 10:17 PM

When you click on the tab at the right side of your VDA, Chris, it brings up your inventory. That way you can use the items in it while you have the VDA screen active. Otherwise the inventory is not accessible until you close out the VDA.

As for drawing the maps, I haven't gotten that far yet (I'm still winning enough money to outfit myself!), but have you tried using the laser pen? I don't know if that's the solution or not, but it's worth a try.....