Nine: The Last Resort

Posted by: Anonymous

Nine: The Last Resort - 04/26/02 08:41 PM

OK: So I'm still at the very end of the game: Jungle Organ. I have played my first totem
P X X T. I just can't seem to get the other notes. Can anyone please help me?
Posted by: Tally Ho

Re: Nine: The Last Resort - 04/27/02 06:11 AM

Your first set of notes was colored yellow, so you correctly played each note once.

The second set will include one of the shaded-block clues, which designates a three-note sequence. There will also be a single note. If either the single note or the block is not yellow, you will need to repeat (the note or the block-sequence) as indicated by the color Blue=2, Green=3, and Red=4.