Dracula The Last Sanctuary

Posted by: Anonymous

Dracula The Last Sanctuary - 04/26/02 10:18 PM

I am stuck in the highgate cemetary looking for the 3 gargoyles. Can somebody please help me and tell me EXACTLY where in the cemetary they are at? Thanks for the time and help, much appreciated.
Posted by: Witchen

Re: Dracula The Last Sanctuary - 04/27/02 11:35 AM

With your back to the front gate, just go once (one step) past the corner and look up at the mausoleum...there's a gargoyle on top of it you will probably have a hard time seeing. Then go back past the gate to the corner and look on the top corner of the outer walls of the cemetary. There's a gargoyle up there.

Go to your right and go down that trail just once, one step. Look at the top of the tomb off to your right for another gargoyle.

I think that will help you.

Best wishes, Witchen =O) smile