MUMMY-Tomb of the Pharoah

Posted by: Chuck LeRette

MUMMY-Tomb of the Pharoah - 04/29/02 03:48 PM

I'm in the Mummy Room and, according to the two WTs I have I'm supposed to click four glyphs (that I supposedly have in my inventory) into the like-shaped depressions in the columns on each side of the exit door.

Well, I don't have such glyphs in my inventory, and I have read very carefully both WTs twice each but I can't find any mention of the glyphs.

Any help out there?
Posted by: Jenny

Re: MUMMY-Tomb of the Pharoah - 04/29/02 05:49 PM

Chuck, did you get a key from the skeleton? As near as I can figure out, you have to take that to Lorrie, and she opens it and that's where the four things are.