Stuck again in Dracula: The Last Sanctuary

Posted by: Anonymous

Stuck again in Dracula: The Last Sanctuary - 04/30/02 05:47 AM

Hey I am in the castle in Transylvania, and I am supposed to talk to Dorko. According to the walkthrough on this website, I am supposed to go forward 2x, turn right, then go forward 2x again down stairs to meet dorko. Well when I turn right it will not let me go forward at all let alone twice. So I wander around and try to figure out what to do, and I think I have found Dorko. Instead of turning right, I turn left and then go forward twice then there are stairs going up and going down. I went down the stairs and met a lady I presume to be Dorko.

Here is the problem. After learning about her warning me of the dangers, the walkthrough says to click on parchment diallogue. I don't know how to do this. I do notice a yellow square about 1 inch long on the right side of my monitor, but this square is blank and my curser indicates that it is nothing.

What do I do? How do I click on the parchment dialogue? Is that blank yellow square a malfunction in my game disk?

Thanks to whoever can help me!

Posted by: Jenny

Re: Stuck again in Dracula: The Last Sanctuary - 04/30/02 12:36 PM

Chris, pull the parchment up in your inventory and turn it over. (You should get a turn arrow somewhere near the bottom if I remember correctly.) The other side has a coded message on it. Now click on that little yellow square and Dorko should decode the message for you.