Ring II Saved Game Solution?

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Ring II Saved Game Solution? - 11/04/03 05:51 PM

I am posting this message again as a new thread because I am not sure people will track it down under the previous discussion:

Hi Becky and Geronimo,
I have a thought that might get saved games to work for Ring II, assuming that it is still an issue and that everyone hasn't already solved the problem.

Geronimo, if you take the saved game file from Becky and rename the file to be the same as one of your earlier saved game files then it will appear in your Load directory under the F1 menu with the same game name that you used to save that original game.

For example, say you started playing the game a long time ago and your first saved game was called "BEGINNING". If you look under "Program Files\ArxelTribe\Ring2\data\save" directory there will be a saved game named something like "ArSa1.ars" with the date and time that you made that first save.

Now, if Becky sends you a saved game file named "ArSa138.ars" or something like that which has you positioned in the game after a tough puzzle is completed, you can save her game under "My Documents" or someplace and then rename it to "ArSa1.ars" before pasting it into your "Ring2\data\save" folder. This will of course overwrite your original save file.

Then when you start the game just use the F1 key to get to the menu and use load to start the game you originally called "BEGINNING". However, now that game will be at the location which will position you after the tough puzzle. The name of the saved game is the same in the F1 menu but the game is now different.

I don't know if this will work for everyone but it has worked for me and RogerO. We do have our Config options set for the same values and we have similar computers and possibly even the same video card, although I am not sure about that.

I hope that this helps with this tricky problem - good luck. think
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Re: Ring II Saved Game Solution? - 11/04/03 05:55 PM

Lise has beaten the game, so I don't think she's interested. Geronimo, do you happen to be interested in trying this?