Riven/Main Dome Island

Posted by: pjones6708

Riven/Main Dome Island - 07/26/05 04:15 PM

Dadguy or Whomever,

I have made it in Riven all through back to the main dome.
I am unable to get to the upper dome--I have raised both walkways but cannot walkup the walkways. Am I missing another level or button.

This is needed to play the marble puzzle.


Posted by: MaG

Re: Riven/Main Dome Island - 07/26/05 04:40 PM

Until someone more familiar with this game can help us try this:

Go to the main entrance of the rotating room and make sure the exit to the golden dome is open. Enter the golden dome and turn round. On the left is a lever which raises the walkway. Now return to the rotating room through the back door and realign the room so you can get to the raised walkway.
Up the walkway and into the upper dome level.
Posted by: pjones6708

Re: Riven/Main Dome Island - 07/27/05 04:24 PM

Thanks for the info...I have done all of the above but the/I cannot go up the walkway--the stairs are still slanted--I have gone back to the Map Island and push all of the land mass/shape buttons and back to the main dome and nothing---I cannot get up to the upper lever.

What am I doing wrong/missing,

I need more hints.

Posted by: granny

Re: Riven/Main Dome Island - 07/27/05 10:20 PM

Have you done that long, long walk across the carwalk/bridge towards the large golden dome, from that building with the tunnels going both ways from the door? There is a lever on the right side before the raised part that lowers the part that will connect you, when you get back to the 'Round' room.

The tunnels only appear when you CLOSE the doors after entering the building from the balcony.
Posted by: Homer6

Re: Riven/Main Dome Island - 07/27/05 11:03 PM

When you walk across the walkway from the Gate Room there is a lever on the left side just inside the Great Golden Dome. That controls raising the walkway to allow you access to the fire marble puzzle. Only problem, you have a long walk around to get back to the Gate Room.
Posted by: fisicx

Re: Riven/Main Dome Island - 07/28/05 01:37 AM

Adding my bit now.

Take the long walk from Crater Island to the raised bridge. Lower the bridge and cross into the golden dome. Walk round the catwalk and turn the wheel to extend the catwalk. At the exit, pull the lever to raise the bridge. Turn round and take the exit on the right, this will bring you round to the rear exit of the revolving room. Enter the revolving room and exit through the main door. Rotate the room so that you and climb up the bridge to the golden dome.

If you can't move the bridges or open door is because you have not closed of the relevant steam pipes or unlocked the gates.
Posted by: pjones6708

Re: Riven/Main Dome Island - 07/28/05 08:41 PM

Thanks again I have made it to the upper level of the dome--have solved the marbles and the slider puzzle....

But now I apperar to be lost--I canot find the linking book to link to the fifth age-----again what am I missing.

Thanks again,

Posted by: Homer6

Re: Riven/Main Dome Island - 07/28/05 09:09 PM

Did you find the hidden tunnel on Jungle Island, where you solve the stone puzzle? The book there takes you to the Moiety Age, where you get a couple more books you need before you meet Gehn.
Posted by: granny

Re: Riven/Main Dome Island - 07/28/05 10:32 PM

Ummmmm, isn't the hidden tunnel behind the Jail Cell in the 'town'???
Posted by: pjones6708

Re: Riven/Main Dome Island - 07/29/05 05:39 PM

Yes, I have been to the Moiety Age--I went there again to be sure---I was sent right back to the stone pillars after I touch the linking book.

I have solved the slider puzzle to reveal a sort of cage with a linking book that is black/empty.

Where do I go now? I guess I am totally lost.
According to my walkthrough--I need to go to the fifth age------Where am I/Where am I going?

Posted by: LadyKestrel

Re: Riven/Main Dome Island - 07/29/05 07:27 PM

The linking books are inside the rotating domes, PJones. If they are not active, that means that you have not yet gotten power to them. Unfortunately, that means another trip to the fire marble puzzle in the upper gold dome.

After you set the marbles (all but yellow) and lower the plate over the grid (leave it in place), there is a little white button on the wall that you must push. If you placed the marbles correctly, you'll see and hear the power surge (like a mini explosion). Then you should be able to access the linking book in any of the rotating domes. Good luck!
Posted by: Homer6

Re: Riven/Main Dome Island - 07/29/05 11:05 PM

The inactive linking book in the spinning dome caught my attention too. Follow LadyK's directions and you can miss, unless of course you don't have the marbles in the correct position. In which case, it's back to Plateau Island and another crack at locating the position of those spinning domes.
Posted by: Jenny

Re: Riven/Main Dome Island - 07/29/05 11:27 PM

I agree with Homer and Lady K.--your problem is almost certainly with the marble puzzle. The most common reason, as Lady K. says, is that you haven't pushed the white button, but you could also have mistaken the color or position of one of the marbles.

If you get totally desperate, there is a picture of the solution here ...