Ripper - Stuck!

Posted by: Tally Ho

Ripper - Stuck! - 06/21/02 03:43 PM

Hi all -

A player e-mailed me with the following question:
I'm stuck on the Ripper game. In Act 2, I have the formula to put in Catherine's calculator. I think I'm doing something wrong, I can't get Catherine's bugs.
Unfortunately, Ripper is a game I don't have (maybe it's the ONLY game I don't have, who knows?) Can anyone help? The walkthrough speaks of entering an equation into a calculator.

Posted by: infernoj13usa

Re: Ripper - Stuck! - 06/21/02 07:16 PM

That's funny, I got an email about the same thing... The hint I gave my person seemed to work:
[quote]... Yup, yup, yup I'll definately try! Let's see....
Catherine's Calculater.............