Atlantis III/Beyond Atlantis 2 ....Snowy World

Posted by: Urabeth

Atlantis III/Beyond Atlantis 2 ....Snowy World - 06/30/02 12:01 AM

I'm stuck in the Snowy World. I've been inside the crystal head, talked to dolphin, been in the doors in the corridor. The figure on the pillar asks me what's behind the corridor. I guess I went through the wrong doors, because I give him the wrong answer and he went back onto the pillar. Now what should I do? I don't see a wind chime anywhere. The guard is standing just outside the door. The walkthrough I have doesn't tell me what to do if my answer is wrong. Help
Posted by: Tally Ho

Re: Atlantis III/Beyond Atlantis 2 ....Snowy World - 06/30/02 05:55 AM

If you didn't have an answer for him, that means you used the wrong doors. Go back into the skull and visit the corridors. Use the First door on the left, then the Third door on the right, then turn around and exit the corridors. Then talk to the dolphin before leaving the skull.