A Weekend in Capri

Posted by: Leeana

A Weekend in Capri - 07/30/04 10:50 AM

Hello everyone My daughter started to play Weekend in Capri and she did everything to the, "T" now she came across her first snag she is up to the part where she has to go to, "Villa Jovis" shes got the key but can't get into the post- card villa puzzle the white gate is closed she is Jumoing to villa Jovis goes straight sees the gate cant open it though any I dea for her I played this game and got such great hep anone help please? help
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Re: A Weekend in Capri - 07/30/04 10:53 AM

Check if she is really at the gate of Villa Jovis - it's really a long, long walk there and it should the end of the path. There's another gate that she will pass through that she might mistake to be the 'gate'.
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Re: A Weekend in Capri - 07/30/04 02:09 PM

Leeana, It has been awhile ago that I played Capri but this is what I remember. One of the villas needs a key for the gate. Another villa gate, a big doulble door one, is closed when you first get there. Turn around from that gate and go back down the path a ways. Go back to that gate again and it should be open. This is just from recall. Also something about a dog that will let you know if this gate is open or not. Hope this helps. Ta for now. Re
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Re: A Weekend in Capri - 07/30/04 04:11 PM

Thanks for replying. The gate she's at is double white in color, its at the end of a path. She hit "jumping to" then Jovis and its at the end of that path is where she is.
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Re: A Weekend in Capri - 07/30/04 06:35 PM

She took the wrong path to get to Villa Jovis. That is the wrong gate. Villa Jovis' gate is a grilled gate.
Sounds like she's in Villa Lysis? think
Tell her to look at the map when she walks and she can check where she is going. smile

I'm stretching my brain to remember but I think that when she 'jumps to' - there are 2 paths one on the left and one to the right with a tree close to the start of the path.
She should take the right path and this path then splits in to upper and lower.
The lower path goes to Villa Jovis.
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Re: A Weekend in Capri - 07/30/04 06:56 PM

Hi MaG,
We both are looking at the map on the top it says villa jovis but all paths I take to get there takes me to a gate that doesnt open, The gate Im talking about is grilled and white. Also I get at the villa Jovis split where the sign is and still it takes me all over the place. Ill play around with it more and otherwise Ill remove it , Im starting to think that maybe I missed something in the game which is causing the game not to go further.
Thanks for your response, smile
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Re: A Weekend in Capri - 07/30/04 07:04 PM

hello, If she is at a white double Iron (rustyish) gate at the end of Via Maiuri street she is at the postcard puzzle and at villa Jovis. I'm wondering if she has the correct key. She should have the key from Costanzo G. BTW, I did use Mags W.T. from gameboomers. I do not remember where I got this key and maybe the hot spot to use it is tricky.?? Oh, please do save often, especally before the timed puzzle once you get through this gate and find all your clues correctly. All I have is a few old notes, and saved games are difficut because there are few save game allotments. Ta for now. Re
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Re: A Weekend in Capri - 07/30/04 07:13 PM

Hello, Villa Lysis is wood and greenish or just plain green? Good luck. Re
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Re: A Weekend in Capri - 08/01/04 01:09 PM

Thanks alot everyone for your help. smile
I finally got thru !! The gate I was at was the right one , I went back to the walkthrough because I was sure I was missing something , It turns out I never read the villa jovis postcard which had the key to open the gate. It finally worked. I knew I was missing something but didnt know what. Thanks and sorry to be a bother.