Ripper help!

Posted by: IBlade_IRunner

Ripper help! - 07/14/02 08:01 PM

Hey everyone! I`m having some trouble with RIPPER. I`m at the Tribecca Center and i can`t get thru the voice lock on the door. I got the audio editor and the tape recorder with Dr. Burtons voice on it. I keep trying and trying and i cant get the correct sequence for the door to work. Could someone help me? Any help we be appreciative. Thx.
Posted by: Skinny Minnie

Re: Ripper help! - 07/14/02 08:14 PM

Be careful how you string Dr. Burton's tape recorded words together (you recorded her talking to you at the gym earlier, right?) on the graph at the virtual library- make sure there aren't gaps in between words, and be sure none of the words are cut off partially, either. "This is Dr. Burton. Open up." I think that's what opens the door to her office. Be sure to zoom in on the office passcode thingee on the door to her office before you play the edited tape, too.