Midnight Nowhere

Posted by: Bowsel

Midnight Nowhere - 10/08/04 09:31 AM

I have all the playing cards (three cards and the other six) and I have "read" the clue on each one. Every time I try to give the Eight of Clubs to Whip, he will not take it. (I am playing the game in the order based on the walkthrough by Perfora'tus). Any ideas on how to continue would be appreciated. Thanks.
Posted by: tigger

Re: Midnight Nowhere - 10/08/04 09:34 AM

have you shown the other riddle cards to him and asked for his glasses??
Posted by: Bowsel

Re: Midnight Nowhere - 10/11/04 01:54 PM

Thanks for the advice, but the problem turned out to be that I had only looked at the cards and not actually "read" them (a second look). I finally figured that out. Now I can't get the cell phone to work. Any ideas?