Hopkins FBI.....spoiler

Posted by: girlgeek

Hopkins FBI.....spoiler - 07/25/02 05:42 PM

I'm stuck in heaven, after I get killed in the forest. I've gotten the wig and dress from the ladies room, but I can't get him to put them on!! (He must be very homophobic.) He needs to wear these to get past the guard (I had to consult a walkthrough), but I've looked at this section on EVERY walkthrough I could find, and none of them tell me how to get him to wear them! Just right clicking on Hopkins and clicking to use the clothes doesn't work. I've messed with this for a half an hour. Does ANYone know how to get Hopkins in drag? laugh
Posted by: girlgeek

Re: Hopkins FBI.....spoiler - 07/26/02 11:53 PM

FINALLY got it! You have to RIGHT click (rather than left) on the item WHEN it's in the inventory, and KEEP right clicking until it says "use." This is odd, because all through the game up until this point, you just left click on it to use it. Anyway...finally got Hopkins dressed up and past the security guard....woohoo! This seems to be a pretty decent game so far, but definitely an ADULT game.