Monet The Mystery of the Orangery

Posted by: Betty Lou

Monet The Mystery of the Orangery - 06/19/05 06:20 PM

SPOILERS...................I am not sure if this is a technical problem because of XP or my computer and XP - I have installed Monet, played up to getting the key and opening the telephone shed, taken the card, clicked on the phone twice, hung it back up, cannot enter this shed to go behind the desk to get a crank-handle. Why can't I get inside this room? have tried forward key (to walk in), shift or ctrl key with forward arrow key to jump in but nothing will work. I am still outside on the 'stoop' Any help would be appreciated (and Happy Fathers Day too)
Love, Betty Lou :kiss:
Posted by: MaG

Re: Monet The Mystery of the Orangery - 06/19/05 07:03 PM

Betty Lou,

This is what crutt stated when she got to this problem:
I've managed to get into the hut. If anyone else gets stuck - this is how I did it. As I clicked to pick up the card on the phone I pressed the 'run' key and forward. This let me get into the hut. I now also have a saved game at this point.