Myst V: Pedestals & Slates

Posted by: ces

Myst V: Pedestals & Slates - 09/23/05 01:54 PM

Could someone please post a "Beginners Guide to Travelling in Myst V Using Pedestals, Slates, & symbols" please?

I've read forums & read the strategy guide & I'm still having trouble.

(the construction going on 10 feet away from me is not helping . . . pound, pound, pound . . . cussing by workers . . . bang bang bang . . . you get the idea I am most sure)

Thank you so much!
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Re: Myst V: Pedestals & Slates - 09/23/05 06:00 PM

Christine, here is what Dadguy said about the slates: "1.) Moving slates up ladders... Yes, you can't carry the slate up that ladder. So, you have to get the Bahro to carry it for you. To do this all you have to do is draw the symbol from the pedestal that is at the top of the ladder on the slate and drop it. Back away and the Bahro will pick it up and put it on the pedestal that has that symbol. This will also add a NEW link spot on the home pedestal (pedestal #1) so you can always get to the new area from pedestal #1. You'll use this many times in the game to travel to other pedestals that are unreachable. Then just walk up the ladder and pick up the slate from the pedestal at the top of the ladder (pedestal #2 in this Age)."

That is talking about moving the slate up a ladder, but the method is useful for any situation...
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Re: Myst V: Pedestals & Slates - 09/23/05 08:29 PM

Here's some more, just off the top of my head...

Spoilers below about the Bahro help via the slate symbols..

1. Throughout the game, you will need to use the Bahro to do two things:

- a.) Carry the slate to another pedestal. This is done by determining what the next pedestal's symbol is (by looking through telescopes or walking to it, etc.). Draw the symbol, drop the slate, back away until he feels comfortable picking up the slate. When he does, he'll take it to the pedestal you drew and leave it there, AND, he'll add a new link to the home pedestal in that Age (which I call pedestal #1 for each Age). This is a tool for gaining access to a pedestal that you can't physically reach.

- b.) You will need the Bahro to work some "magic" via the slate at various times. Example from the demo - get the Bahro to bring rain. This is done by drawing the proper symbol that you'll get from clues on walls and such (in the demo, you drew what was on the ground in front of the rain canopy).

There are a few other things you will use the Bahro to do, like get them to come to the dropped slate to have their weight trigger a sensing plate to open a door...

Hope this helps.