Myst V - Todelmer

Posted by: satch

Myst V - Todelmer - 09/29/05 01:36 PM

I'm using Bert Jammin's walkthrough and am having trouble in this age.

First of all, when I try to adjust the two levers beneth the green screen, the inner ring does not seem to turn.

Next,on the right side of the red-lit stairs, when I move the sliders, I don't see a green button.

Lastly, I can't find the telescope.

Is the first problem affecting the others?

Posted by: dadguy

Re: Myst V - Todelmer - 09/29/05 05:18 PM

Not sure what you mean, Satch. Are you referring to the bluish power screen that is around the back of the red-lit room?. I don't know of any inner ring. Help me out on that.

If the green button doesn't light then maybe you don't have power up yet (using the bluish lit screen around the back).

Posted by: maryc64

Re: Myst V - Todelmer - 09/29/05 07:59 PM

Hi! Try the opposite to make the inner ring move.
Move left lever to the middle and right lever all the way to the right.
My problem: I have replayed this era probably 10 times. I have followed Bert's w/t and then the Prima Guide. I cannot get the Bahro to take the slate. I even climbed to the top to check the telescope.
I've made sure to leave the scope focused on whatever the Guide or Bert suggest and follow the steps before and after such.
I have no added pedestal icon with which to link. Is the slate supposed to remain where the wooden bridges are during all of the Todelmer steps? Must and need I replay it one more time w/o taking the slate first to Todelmer? Help, please! Tx. cry
Posted by: dadguy

Re: Myst V - Todelmer - 09/29/05 08:49 PM

Mary, what symbol are you drawing that you are trying to get the Bahro to take?

It is not important to have the telescope stay on the image to get the Bahro to take the slate and deliver it to another pedestal. The slate is not supposed to stay on the "home" pillar, it needs to be delivered by the Bahro to the pillar across the way to progress.

Let me know what you are drawing. I can email you a tiny pic if you'd like.

Posted by: maryc64

Re: Myst V - Todelmer - 09/30/05 02:27 AM

The slate is not supposed to stay on the "home" pillar, it needs to be delivered by the Bahro to the pillar across the way to progress.
Awwk! I don't understand. I've drawn the three legged one headed figure with three circles as "hands" so many times.
Now I do all the steps and return to the pedestal in the "arrival" bubble and draw the "icon" on the slate.
I return the slate to the pedestal. I walk towards the stairs. I turn around and should see an icon appear that is similar to what I've drawn and then one is to touch this icon to progress, is what I understand and aim for.
Am I putting the slate in the wrong place?
Should I be back where the bridges are?
I can't go anywhere else as I don't see the icon and the slate remains.
This is so tough, I've emailed a UBI mod who's posted a rather supportive response in a thread there. Still, in case s/he cannot help me better, please describe what to do in your terms.
Others may end up stuck at this point and for a long time a good post might matter to others in the future as well as now.
This is like the dreadful Schizm computer generated puzzle. I've never been so stubborn and stuck although I did give up on MIV. (Last sentence lacks a logic but you should grasp my frustration.) Tx!!!
Posted by: VHLMagic

Re: Myst V - Todelmer - 09/30/05 06:01 AM


I had one of my symbols up side down in my drawing at one point so.....make sure its drawn with the head on top and the 3 legs with circles at the bottom.

Also make sure you drop the slate on the ground and not place it on the pedestal. I hope I understood your problem and explained it so you can understand and if not....someone will correct me...I am sure.
Posted by: whistler

Re: Myst V - Todelmer - 09/30/05 06:51 AM

Reading Maryc's post, I agree with her on how to set the rings. I have been working on that for a couple of days, and could never get the power on with setting the left to the top and right to the middle. I finally set the right to the top and left to middle. It worked!

Posted by: dadguy

Re: Myst V - Todelmer - 09/30/05 07:35 AM


Perhaps you were missing the basic operation of the slate....

After you draw the symbol, you must drop the slate on the ground (anywhere!); don't put it on the pedestal. Then, with it glowing blue on the ground, back away from it until the Bahro comes (he will come only of he feels you are a safe distance away). He will pick up the slate and disappear using his linking capabilities, then he will deliver the slate to the 2nd pedestal. When this happens, a new link will appear on pedestal #1 that will allow you to link to the second pedestal, which is our there about 500 yards away. You will have a great view of THIS pillar from the 2nd pedestal when you get there.

ALSO: So we stay focused, here is some basic terminology discussion. When we refer to the term "pillar"; this is the huge peice of rock that makes the island we are walking upon. There are three "pillars" that we can travel to in Todelmer. One is large like the one we start on, the other is small and only is about 50 feet in diameter. I didn't want you to confuse the terms pillar and pedestal.

Let us know if this does it.

Posted by: maryc64

Re: Myst V - Todelmer - 09/30/05 03:10 PM

Dadguy: Well I hadn't reached a pillar so I didn't know the vocab. to use yet. Thanks!
It does help all to know the common vocab.
Sometimes we doe have brain cell loss, though, and can't find the correct vocab. Such explanations help and patience is nice for us brain damaged.

Hi Whistler! Try the steps opposite of those given in Bert's w/t to get the inner wheel going.
It works. If you need more specifici help,
post again! I think I posted the specific steps in another area in this forum. Too tired to read my recent post but I want to help you progress.
Keep in touch here as I messed up some basic stuff and am a bit ahead of you. So when you bumble where I've bumbled, maybe I can help!
You can also PM me! Others will help too!
Posted by: dadguy

Re: Myst V - Todelmer - 09/30/05 09:35 PM

Just for terminology's sake, you start Todelmer ON the #1 pillar, so in effect you most certainly have reached a pillar. There are two more of interest that you can visit. A pillar is the tall stone structure that juts out of the planet you are on. Look out across the horizon and you'll see many, but only three (including the one you arrive upon) are of interest and can be walked upon. To be a good communicator, I just wanted to make sure you knew what I was referring to.


Posted by: satch

Re: Myst V - Todelmer - 10/02/05 08:51 PM

Thanks for all your help. Finally got the power on and was able to find the telescope. I have drawn the Bahro sign and he has added the new sign to the pedestal. Looks like I'm on my way again.
Posted by: maryc64

Re: Myst V - Todelmer - 10/02/05 11:20 PM

Hi! I'm already much beyond that. It was such a help! I wanted to thank you again!
Just curious. Did my flu shot cause some reaction or is anyone else becoming dizzy playing MV?
I never have felt this before. It could be just me, probably. It's such great fun. But I've played many a game and for two days I've become dizzy! eek Haha! Could be just mental. (Yes, I take breaks and even exercise. I'm not "living MV" but am enjoying it, to be sure!)
Right now, I'm taking my time while progressing but also looking for one blue and one green thing that the Bahro's do not like at all. At one place the green one seems to repeat. He's hard to photo though!
I might try a screen shot to
"capture" him as I wonder if the Myst V program isn't capturing this guy's existence!
Also, there are never any skies that compare to the ones in Myst games. Look at the blue and the clouds. Nothing like those skies in any game! They are the best!
Posted by: rikke_th

Re: Myst V - Todelmer - 10/03/05 07:19 AM

Hi everyone!

Once again I'm here looking for help in my quest to "conquer" Myst V. Thanks for the clue to the inner ring, been stuck there for ages.

Posted by: rikke_th

Re: Myst V - Todelmer - 10/03/05 11:04 AM


I've been downstairs to the levers, pulled them, went upstairs again, zoomed in.....where's the sign? I need help!! duh
Posted by: dadguy

Re: Myst V - Todelmer - 10/03/05 01:42 PM

Rikke, welcome to Gameboomers!!! bravo bravo bravo

Are you referring to the two sets of levers (one on top and one in the middle) near the loading dock metal grate?

Once you have set the top lever RIGHT and pressed the MIDDLE lever down once, a large gear above is rotated to reveal a little white light just above it. So, turn your telescope view to the left and zoom in above the large gear to see the clue.

Posted by: SuMac

Re: Myst V - Todelmer - 10/03/05 07:22 PM

I got to almost the end of this age - got the planets realigned, and saw the final Bahro sign on the control panel - the two concentric circles, with a little circle on the top of the outer ring.

Then I went back to the linking bubble, drew that sign on my slate, dropped the slate on the ground, but the Bahro never came to pick it up. I tried this part over several times, but with no success. Could I have done some settings incorectly and still gotten the final sign?

I don't want to have to start this age over, but I don't know what else to do at this point.
Posted by: dadguy

Re: Myst V - Todelmer - 10/03/05 09:43 PM

Try putting the little circle on the outer ring at around 2:00. It is not supposed to be straight overhead.

Posted by: SuMac

Re: Myst V - Todelmer - 10/04/05 06:49 PM

Thanks DadGuy - I'll try that. Most of my other drawings so far have been far from perfect; I didn't think the Bahros were such picky art critics.
Posted by: Betty Lou

Re: Myst V - Todelmer - 10/05/05 10:13 AM

SuMac, I am finding that sometimes it is not so much that your Bahro is an art critic, in that it is WHERE you drop your slate that influences whether he is satisfied with your drawing or not..I have drawn one or two that were very far from perfect but when I dropped my slate in what he deemed the "right spot" he cooperated with the whole routine without a hitch. For the "one head 3 legged" symbol I had to be standing outside near my telescope and had dropped the slate near that domed building in the middle of that 1st pillar, and when I checked in the telescope there was my slate out there on pillar #2! Go figure!
Love, Betty Lou
Posted by: satch

Re: Myst V - Todelmer - 10/06/05 02:30 PM

I am having trouble getting the big rock to collapse. I think I have done all the steps correctly, but the rock doesn't move. How long do you have to wait?

One other question, when I pick up the slate to draw the snake, the previous Bahro sign is still on the slate. I use the upper left sign to clear the slate and then draw the snake. Is this normal?

Thanks for any help.
Posted by: dadguy

Re: Myst V - Todelmer - 10/06/05 08:35 PM


I have responded to this one several times, but I can't find it.

Briefly, if you have the snake image right, make sure you use the pedestal link behind you to link to the pedestal #1, then make sure you use the SHIFT key to RUN thru the tunnel and across the water. You'll get there about a minute before the rock opens. Just wait it out.


Posted by: gamenut

Re: Myst V - Todelmer - 10/08/05 11:08 PM

well, darn it....! i finally got the tram up (had to go back 2x to raise it--2x). i can now get on it and down the ladder into it, but it will not go...tried going out and fiddling w/the lever..NOPE, shuts me out of the do i get the tram to move (with me in it!? ) this is after the 3-legged symbol where i need to go over to the other pillar. thanks anyone!!!!
Posted by: dadguy

Re: Myst V - Todelmer - 10/08/05 11:10 PM

Is power on at that pillar? Check inside the building..

Posted by: gamenut

Re: Myst V - Todelmer - 10/08/05 11:18 PM

well, gee, since you mention it i AM on another pillar aren't i?? i was still thinking i was back on the one w/the Red Room. i think i need some tea! Honestly....i cannot believe how dumb i am. thanks dadguy! (have new puppy-son got it for me...hard to concentrate w/house breaking going on.....YIKES!! )