Sancho's Island

Posted by: MaG

Sancho's Island - 11/15/05 09:43 AM

Sancho's Island is a free game that can be played here.

I left the game with 2 pieces of the drawing by the brother. Is there some more pieces? Where are they located?
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Re: Sancho's Island - 11/15/05 09:47 AM

I tried all my inventory to get that loose stone. He would not do it short of pounding his head.
I tried pull, push, pick up, etc...
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Re: Sancho's Island - 11/15/05 09:49 AM

I did that at first, Mag, then I looked at something inside the house, maybe the cobweb and suddenly the 'pull' stone worked. I will go back to a saved game and try it again.

Edit: Have you spoken to Juana, about the picture?
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Re: Sancho's Island - 11/15/05 10:00 AM

Guess what - I went back and it worked - pull the loose stone. Might have needed for me to log out and back in.

Thanks, Sue. Will get back to it and meet Quijano later. That stew made me hungry. laugh
Posted by: Laurie

Re: Sancho's Island - 11/15/05 12:01 PM

Hi Mag

trying this free game,can you tell me please what on earth I am supposed to be doing,I am looking for the loose stone,and I cannot get the daughter out of the bedroom, can you sort of 'push' me along


Thicky Laurie rolleyes frown
Posted by: MaG

Re: Sancho's Island - 11/15/05 12:28 PM

Tell me what you've done. I really have not gone far or have been back to the game since this AM. I'll try.

Talk to the bedroom door or talk to the wife. Then you will need to calm the daughter down. The wife will tell you what to do.

Then go to town by going out the door anc clicking on the chlothesline at top of screen.
The loose stone is left of your house' door. You won't get to it til later.
Posted by: Tyke

Re: Sancho's Island - 11/15/05 01:31 PM

Hi Jenny! lol
but I have been playing it for a few days now, and have had my share of head banging on the keyboard moments. rotfl

Sue laugh
Posted by: Laurie

Re: Sancho's Island - 11/15/05 01:55 PM


Have calmed the daughter,got the drawings and scorpion,also have old bell,now I don't know which direction to go in!!!!!!!!

Laurie frown
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Re: Sancho's Island - 11/15/05 02:28 PM

Ah we're closer to calling on Tyke's help here.

Talk to the son about drawing. You should have 3 pieces and Sancho will put them together.
Posted by: Laurie

Re: Sancho's Island - 11/15/05 02:49 PM

I have two pieces of paper,but I know where the third piece's in the fountain,BUT I cannot get it out,I have wandered about trying to find something to fish it out with,but can't find a thing, unless the dog can help!!!!!!

Posted by: MaG

Re: Sancho's Island - 11/15/05 02:52 PM

Gee - I did this part 4 days ago - now I can't remember. Is there a pair of tongs-pliers by the fireplace? See if you can use that.

Sue-Tyke - check us here. lol
Posted by: Tyke

Re: Sancho's Island - 11/15/05 03:00 PM

I'm here! laugh

Yes!..Laurie! need the pliers to get the piece of paper out of the can also pick up the knife now. smile

You need to fix the broken bell next, or you can't get in to see Sir Quijano...did you pick up the overcooked meat in the stewpot? need that for Atila, or he won't let you get the hammer outside the smithy (remember what you used to calm the daughter) use it on the meat.
Posted by: SnowMoon

Re: Sancho's Island - 11/16/05 04:06 AM

Well, now I need to know how to get the coin from the church and get the books.... any ideas?
Posted by: Tyke

Re: Sancho's Island - 11/16/05 04:29 AM

Snowmoon!...I have two of the books, (one is the poster outside the barber shop) the other is in quijano's stable, I need to know what you have done to help you further. smile

I haven't managed to get the book or the coin from the church....but after reading the news on the site, I found out the game is not finished, they say that they are hoping to release chapter two at the beginning of December. lol
Posted by: joanie39

Re: Sancho's Island - 11/16/05 12:00 PM

How I wish our MaG would do a mini WT for this game. All I have is the bell and I don't know how to calm the daughter down cause I don't have the money to pay for anything. cry Any help would be so appreciated! thanks
Posted by: Laurie

Re: Sancho's Island - 11/16/05 12:03 PM

I am beginning to think I need a W/T here!! frown I have put Atila to sleep,been to the church,the barbers and the Noble,but I cannot gain entry anywhere cry do I have to go to bed too!!what is the object of the game,is it to get Sancho's daughter married off???I am bamboozled eek

Posted by: MaG

Re: Sancho's Island - 11/16/05 12:19 PM

I will see and ask Sue to check or write it. I have not gone back to the game yet since yesterday. I only do short gaming time in between stuff.

Joanie - talk to the wife about daughter. She will tell you to talk to the herbalist to get a calming tea. Go out of house, pass the chlothes line. turn right and go to the end house. Talk to door of that house.

Laurie - I don't know what the story is unless it is based on Man of La Mancha (Don Quixote) - so it would seem to be to go out into the world and be the squire and more adventuring. Sue might be able to tell you what else to do. She also mentioned that it might on the next cahpter.
Posted by: Tyke

Re: Sancho's Island - 11/16/05 12:49 PM

Hi Joanie! smile Go to town, past the barbers shop and turn right, pick up a coin, you can now buy the herb from the apothecary, use 'open' on the apothecary's door. smile

Hi Laurie! smile If you have put Atila to sleep, you must have the hammer, combine it with the broken bell and 'use' the bell on Sir Quijano's door, then you should be able to enter his house. smile
Posted by: joanie39

Re: Sancho's Island - 11/16/05 12:49 PM

Thanks so much MaG. I gave daughter the tea but every time I try to pick up the knife or prongs, It says I have to find something to calm the daughter first. I already did!!! Also I can't move the rock even after looking at the spider web! I am getting nowhere fast here. Oh please I need a WT.
You guys are the BEST!!! Thanks for the help! smile
Posted by: Tyke

Re: Sancho's Island - 11/16/05 12:55 PM

Joanie...have you talked to the daughter, and the son, about the picture?...did Sancho say to his wife that he had solved the problem?...if you have you should be able to pick up the pliers...and also 'pull' the loose stone. smile
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Re: Sancho's Island - 11/16/05 01:14 PM

Thank you Tyke! I haven't been able to talk to the kids about the picture cause I don't have any. frown I shall go talk to the wife again. Thanks for the help!
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Re: Sancho's Island - 11/16/05 01:20 PM

SPOILERS! Chapter 1 walkthrough.
Sancho's Island

Register at
When saving, enter the title of the save you want and then click save.

1. Restore order to house: Open bedroom door. Pick up bell from shed. Go to house 2 screens at right. Talk to Teresona completely about Juana and Sanchico. She will mention Apothecary.
2. Calm Juana: Exit door at bottom right. Go to top of screen pass the clothesline. Take the top right exit above the barber shop. Pick up the shiny object from ground. Go back to center of town. Take the bottom right road to house at the end. Open Apothercary's door. Talk to Apothecary and automatically give the coin to apothecary. The lime tea plant is in inventory.
Go back to your house and give lime tea plant to Teresona. Have tranquilizing herbal tea in inventory. Talk to children's door. Talk to Juana 2xs.
3. Drawing: Talk to Sanchico to learn about drawing. Pick up pliers by fireplace and knife on table. Exit the house and pull slightly loose stone across the house door. Pickup scorpion and piece of paper. Go to fountain at center of town. use pliers on piece of creased paper. Go to cart by apothecary's door. Look at paper under cart. Use knife on strong rope of cart. Push cart. Pick up piece of creased paper. Automatically put together the drawing. Go back to house and talk to Sanchico.
4. Meet Atila: Talk to Teresona and learn about Quijano. Pick up stew to get overcooked piece of meat. Use overcooked meat with casserole with relaxing tea on Teresona's table to get overcooked seasoned meat. Go to center of town. Give overcooked seasoned meat to Atila the dog. Pick up the hammer on the post. Use old bell with hammer to get repaired bell.
5. Meet Don Quijano: Go to exit above the barber shop. Use doorbell on door. Use the repaired bell on main gate(door). Talk to Don Quijano. See automatic scene.
Talk to Sanchico about what he dislikes most. Talk to Teresona. Pickup fusty oil at fireplace mantle.
Go to center of town. Look at poster on barber wall. Talk to barber. Go back home and talk to Sanchico.
6. 3 books: Go to Don Quijano's house. Enter first door. Enter open door. Talk to Don Quijano. He wants 3 books. Go downstairs. Go left and Pull rope of well to get frog. Enter room on the left and talk to housekeeper.
Paper 1 - Go to stables. Look at singed paper on Rocinante's foot. Talk to Rocinante and select dialogue that he doesn't like: smells like pig, then about donkey, then about Ugly. Automatically get singed paper.
Paper 2 - Exit house and go to center of town. Talk to barber again and get poster.
Paper 3 - Enter the church. Look at the picture beside the altar boy. Pick up picture and see something behind it. Talk to altar boy. Look at collecting box - note. Try to place frog on baptismal font. Go to left screen and talk to priest. Look at paper by confessional. Look at and open fold of the carpet - lower right edge. See ashes. Pick up ashes. Talk to candle until it gets blown out. Altar boy comes to light it. Use frog on baptismal font. Take the paper by confessional when priest goes to exorcise the frog off the baptismal font. Pick up the picture where the altar boy was and get small key.
7. Go back and talk to Don Quixote about luggage. Give dragon paper - he wants round wooden shield. Give armor paper - he wants money. Give emblem paper - he wants saddlebags for squire.
Talk to Ennesto the blacksmith. He will make a shield if he got medicine for his back. He can buy a good metal to get money.
Metal for money - Go to kitchen an try to take the plate of bronze, The housekeeper won't let you. Go to stall next door. Pick up cat. Look at farmyard door. Use fusty oil at top hinge of farmyard door. Use cat on farmyard door. Housekeeper comes. Go to kitchen and pick up plate of bronze. Talk to and give plate of bronze to Ennesto to get coins.
Shield and Medicine for Ennesto - Talk to apothecary. He needs scorpion poison, rosemary and incense ashes. He gives bottle. Use bottle on scorpion. Talk to barber and select feet stinking for weeks to get rosemary. Go back to apothecary and talk to him about all remedy ingredients. He gives lotion for pain. Go back to Ennesto and talk to him. Get shield.
Saddle bags - Exit church and take the bottom right road. Talk to Cide Hamete. His cart is broken and lost his coin. Open apothecary door and talk to apothecary. He placed the coin in collection box in church. Go to church. Blow candle again to get the altar boy to light the candles. Use small key on collecting box to get Arabian coin. Talk to Cide Hamete using the greeting. He will end up giving you the saddlebags because you gave him the coin.
8. Go back and talk to Don Quixote about the 3 things.

End of Chapter 1. That'ssss alllll folks!
Posted by: MaG

Re: Sancho's Island - 11/16/05 02:49 PM

I added some. Sue mentioned about the one at the stables and the church - will go there later. laugh
EDIT - Added stable paper.
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Re: Sancho's Island - 11/16/05 03:46 PM

Hi all, When you talk to the housekeeper, try to take the bronze plate, she won't let you, so go into the stable, use the oil with the stable door, pick up the cat and use it with the stable door, the housekeeper comes running, and you can nip in and get the bronze plate. thumbsup

Go to church check everything out, try to put the frog in the font. Talk to the altar boy, talk to the priest, try to pick up the paper on the floor.
Use the 'open' command on the fold in the carpet, pick up incense ashes, leave the church and go to the road where the apothecary lives, talk to Cide Hamete, he has lost a coin, talk to apothecary about the coin, Oh, no, he put it in the collection box. Go into town and talk to ennesto, about bronze plate, he will take it and give you money.

Go to see Quijano, talk to him about the 2 pages, and the money, he wants you to get a shield and some saddlebags, leave the house and talk to ennesto again, ask him about a shield, he will make you one, if you cure his backache.

Go and see the apothecary, (on the way, talk to Cide Hamete again, now we know where the saddlebags are!) he needs poison, rosemary and holy incense, (he gives you a small bottle) use the scorpion with the bottle. (save your game here, as when I got the rosemary, it disappeared), talk to the barber, about rosemary, choose the 'stinking feet' option, he gives you some lotion. Take the ingredients, to the apothecary, get the cure and take it to ennesto and get the shield. thumbsup

And that my friends, is as far as I got, I have no idea, how to get the coin, or get rid of the altar boy to put the frog in the font, believe me, I have tried everything. rotfl

Sue smile
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Re: Sancho's Island - 11/16/05 03:57 PM

Just a word about the Sancho's Island site, today I noticed that they have opened a forum, to post hints and clues about the game and to report any bugs you find, so maybe, you could check it out. thumbsup

Sue wave
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Re: Sancho's Island - 11/16/05 04:06 PM

Sue - I just added paper from church on wt - if you want to look.

I have just talked about the coin and will get there later.
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Re: Sancho's Island - 11/16/05 06:22 PM

Had fun playing with you Sue. Finished almost the same time as you. smile
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Re: Sancho's Island - 11/16/05 06:34 PM

It was a pleasure working with you MaG, we will have to collaborate again on chapter two. lol
Honestly I must have tried everything on that candle...except talk to the blooming thing. slapforehead

Sue laugh
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Re: Sancho's Island - 01/15/06 08:35 AM

I can't find the carpet, so i can't come further then delivering the three books.
Maybe someone can take a snapshot of the screen where it used to be.
Posted by: texaslady

Re: Sancho's Island - 01/15/06 08:58 AM

Hi jobvs0 and welcome to Gameboomers welcome

The only reference that I can find to a carpet is that it's in the church. Have you looked there?

Posted by: MaG

Re: Sancho's Island - 01/15/06 10:11 AM


I sent you the screen capture of the fold in the carpet. The crosshair is right on the fold and the label states 'fold in the carpet'.
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Sancho's Island - 01/15/06 10:22 AM

ok thanks everybody for the help.
I'm dutch so i didn't know what a carpet was. So maybe you think my question was strange, but I just didn't know it.
Posted by: sali

Re: Sancho's Island - 01/26/06 02:46 PM

hello to Tyke. I'm playing part two of Sancho's island, and I supposed to see a peddler at the crossroads but he's not there. Is there a question I shouldn't ask someones, cause I talked to everybody completely. I tried to pick up the wine recipient in the water near the mule and tried to pick up the sheperd's wooden cane. Maybe it's why I don't see the peddler. Can you help me please. Thank you. lise lasnier(sali)
Posted by: sali

Re: Sancho's Island - 01/26/06 04:13 PM

texaslady, hello, I'll be longer in my answer. I had some problems with part one fallowing MaG,s wt and finally succeeded by playing the game quite a few times on different password names. Maybe there was a bug and maybe there's still one in the game. I've fallowed Tyke's wt of chapter 2 by the letters (as we say in french) and I'm still stucked. Maybe somebody else has the same problem!lise lasnier
Posted by: Tyke

Re: Sancho's Island - 01/26/06 06:36 PM

Hi, Sue!...I got your message. thumbsup

Hi Sali! wave

You have to give the radish and honey to the shepherd first...when he gives you the stick, the peddlar will show up, but not before then.

Have you got the bees and the radish yet?

Sue laugh
Posted by: sali

Re: Sancho's Island - 01/26/06 11:03 PM

thanks For the tip Tyke,it worked. In the wt, to get honey is writen after the part about taking the spear out of the sail and I didn't realize that I had to give the food to the shepherd before. Glad I could ask you some advice with the help of others. lise lasnier
Posted by: Tyke

Re: Sancho's Island - 01/27/06 06:10 AM

Hi, Sali! happydance

I'm sorry that the walkthrough confused you...when I played the game, the peddlar was there when I needed him, and I did not know that there was a trigger to make him when you asked for help, I went back and played through it again...I notified MaG, and asked her to change the order of the tasks,(thanks, MaG!) so it should be alright now. Glad you were able to continue the game. bravo

Sue smile