Rhem 1

Posted by: Retired at last

Rhem 1 - 12/07/05 09:38 PM

Hi everyone.
Am just starting Rhem 1. Had a technical problem
right from the word go - about the resolution setting.
Just posted a question to Jenny100 at the
Glitches forum. blush
I'll probably be here often. laugh

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Posted by: gamenut

Re: Rhem 1 - 12/07/05 11:09 PM

i played Rhem 1 on my xp....i was able to play by after it intalled and the beginning screen loaded --by clicking two times on the ...''play w/incorrect resolution'' (or something worded like that) and then it begins....it will default to ''MY Documents'' folder for saves, but they are unlimited and you can name them what you like. i saved VERY often, because .... it is a twisty/turny game and being older i did not know if would have any crashes, i only had one, and had no problem re-loading and using a previous saved game. it is a real ''thinker''. i was glad of walkthru (had to use both...still wish there were more ''screen shots''!..) i got sooo turned around sometimes..and the maps are tricky in game, BECAUSE.....NORTH is NOT always at the TOP !! but i still enjoyed this game...i must...i got Rhem 2 but have not loaded it yet.
Posted by: fisicx

Re: Rhem 1 - 12/08/05 05:31 AM

More screenshots?

If there is call for it then I could do it.

And there is a Rhem map if you need it:
Rhem Map

Enjoy the game.
Posted by: wysewomon

Re: Rhem 1 - 12/08/05 10:26 AM

Hi retired--

save a lot. I did have a problem with this game crashing (tho' I played it on my old system). Also, there's lots of times when it's just easier to reload a previous game to look at something than it is to walk all the way back and around to get back to the clue!


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Re: Rhem 1 - 01/20/06 01:38 PM

Just got back to this game.
I spoke to the man before finding the red buttons stand - does this make a difference.

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Posted by: Chief

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/20/06 01:43 PM

Retired. It will not make a difference in your game. When played for the first time, I was well in the game before meeting him.

Have fun.

Chief wave
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Re: Rhem 1 - 01/20/06 07:37 PM

As I said in my previous post I am bad with directions.
Well I've just ended in Alaska.
If the ice bridge was still there I'd be in Russia by now.
I am totally lost.
Here is where I am at:
1)I turned the radar atenna on.
2)Went back to water pipes control building.
3)Went out through other door.
4)Went forward (saw a red button panel but ignored it)
5)Kept on walking.
6)Got to ladder that goes up to manhole - ignored it.
7)Went left instead.....and this is where I get
lost duh
8)Maybe I should go up the ladder that leads to manhole - mosaic door wave
Posted by: Chief

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/20/06 08:09 PM

Retired, everytime you see a panel, you must press the buttons according to a code you got at the control room across the Round building.

Did you do the reservoir to get some numbers for the Pumping Station?

Do not know where you are but find your way back to the manhole : from there, you can go to the reservoir on top and to the pumping station down the manhole.

Good luck. wave
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Re: Rhem 1 - 01/20/06 08:18 PM

Hi Chief

Yes I did the reservoir

While waiting for an answer I did find my way to where I was suppose to be.
But.... I did not press the buttons on that
red panel I ignored..
gotta delete a saved game and start from there.

Au moins,ici, nous sommes pas dans le noir comme
Rhem 2 laugh


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Posted by: Chief

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/20/06 08:41 PM

Retired, when you go to the Pumping Station, at the back of it, there is an antenna: press the right hand button to turn on the antenna. And also, put in these 2 symbols :

the first one : a vertical line with half of horizontal line on top right and a complete horizontale line at the bottom.

the second one : the 18 th symbol that looks like a chair with a top.

Doing this do the antenna right now will prevent a long walk from the Radio complex later in the game.

Have fun.

Posted by: Retired at last

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/20/06 09:04 PM

Hi Chief

Thanks for your tip, but I've already gone beyond that point.
Guess I'll have to walk back later.
I'm stuck again.
I'm at the point of the short hallway and found the 3 areas that turn brown.
I've gone to the lower level walkway to the right....
Cannot get back to the top level.
Confused eek

Posted by: Retired at last

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/20/06 10:42 PM

I think I am at the right place ---finally.
I got to the room with the brown panel and changed the walkway to point South.
I'll await confirmation before continuing. laugh

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Posted by: Chief

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/21/06 08:05 AM

Retired, The lower south exit is perfect to get to the panel and do the 3 segments.

And do not forget to do those Button Panels.

Go to the Control panel aside the Round building and set the mechanism down and right.

Also, you must go to the Lower east Exit to do more Button Panels. This will bring you to the 4 Way Tower, your next objective.

When you get there, the lake MUST be full of water.

And before you start that section, 4 actions must have been done :
-turned on the antenna

-closed the door with 3 stars at the Door Complex at the Pumping station

-noted the positions of the 3 segments

-activated 8 button panels.

Have fun my friend.

Chief wave
Posted by: Retired at last

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/21/06 10:00 AM

I'm a bit confused.
You mention 8 button panels to be activated.
There are only 7 mentioned in the WT
(There is one after the antenna - but it is not mentioned in the WT). But I activated it anyways.
I did set the mechannism (walkway) right and then down. That was my last step before my post last night.
So, so far, according to my notes I have activated 6 button panels.
Anyway, I'll find out soon enough.
I am at the East lower level on my way to the Platform balcony and then on to the North lower level exit.
Will get back to you later - to tell you if the floating bridge is raised.

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Posted by: Chief

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/21/06 10:11 AM

Retired, I do not have the same WT, but there are 8 panels. Just before you get to the 4 Way Tower, there is a Red Button Panel on a little path on your right.

Have fun.

Chief wave
Posted by: Retired at last

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/21/06 10:29 AM

Chief, there are only 2 WT for this game,
so I guess you have the one by Graham.

Posted by: Chief

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/21/06 10:43 AM

Retired, got mine from a link that does not exist anymore : just check.

And did this in sept 2003. Didn't even know of The Boomers at that time. I register in dec 2003.

If you use MaG's and Graham's WT, you have the best of both world.

Chief wave
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Re: Rhem 1 - 01/21/06 11:22 AM

Chief,I finally got back to the 4 way Tower and the lake is full, the bridge is up allowing me to enter the tower.
I guess I'm doing something right.

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Posted by: Chief

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/21/06 11:33 AM

Retired, you got the first part done thumbsup

Now, you need to put some power on.

Chief wave
Posted by: Chief

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/21/06 11:43 AM

Sue, it's a good memory test even with the WT.
And Retired is doing a nice job on his own.

Chief wave
Posted by: Retired at last

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/21/06 12:05 PM

Thanks for your help Chief.
Hope I don't end up in Alaska again. laugh
Nice snow storm we're having.
Thanks Sue.

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Re: Rhem 1 - 01/21/06 06:57 PM

Got the electricity going.
Am at the 5 alcoves.
Ouef - good thing I am not an airline pilot.
Took me a while to get to this point.
Leaving for Mont Tremblant tomorrow morning
(Chief you know what I'm saying) for a week
of skiing.
Loaded the game into my laptop and copied the saved games.
Am I BAAGS or what? laugh
It will be nice to play the game in front of a roaring fire with a bottle of white wine, maybe
a cheese fondu as my aids. smile
Life is so good when you are retired. happydance

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Posted by: texaslady

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/21/06 07:02 PM

Have a wonderful time Retired.

Sue wave
Posted by: Chief

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/21/06 07:04 PM

Retired, a good week to you.

Chief wave
Posted by: Retired at last

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/21/06 07:12 PM

Forgot to mention..
As I stated on another post.. I am burning all my saved games on CDs.. I am getting pretty good at this game.. making notes and saving at crucial
points.. maybe one day I can help a new boomer
as you guys have helped me.

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Posted by: texaslady

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/21/06 07:23 PM

That's excellent Retired! Will be calling on you when the next member gets stumped in this game.

Posted by: Retired at last

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/24/06 08:22 PM

I'm stuck with a little of apres ski gameing.
I've been to the shed and back. Turned the bridge
around - by placing the panel to 3 and 6 o'clock
positions - took me a while to understand this part.
Presed the panel so that 0 went to 1.
Then I went back to the bridge, climbed the brown
ladder on the right, went to walkway building, and went down the ladder I saw.
Then when I start going forwards I end up at a plcae with a bunch of radar antenna screens.
But according to Mag's WT I should be going back on a long trek to the 4 way tower.
6. Cross the bridge. CD2. Go up the ladder and forward until the door to the walkway building.


Link (Icons on Buttons) Stands Area

North lower level exit: Enter, down the ladder and exit the North lower level. Now the long trek, go back to the big square water flow control building (CD3), right before square building and up the tower elevator - go forward to the 4 way tower, turn left, forward, turn right after open doorway, forward and turn right to the path just before the big square building. All that activity is just to go around to this side of the tower elevator.
I'm pretty sure I've exited the North lower level
I don't know what to do to get to the 4 way tower laugh
I checked older posts and saw that TallyHo had the same problem and still don't understand what Mag told him to do frown
Hopefully someone will solve my problem.

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Posted by: Chief

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/24/06 09:02 PM

Retired, hope your vacation was good.

I'll go with the WT I have. Before you go up the ladder, in that building, you have a control panel to align bottom and right. Back to the ladder and the Round building.

Leave through the upper west exit at the other end of the passage and follow the path down to the left.
Examine the I control panel on the left.Pull down the lever once and note (quickly)the 3 wedge patterns, and the order they appeared (bottom,middle,top).

Back to round building and climb down the ladder.
Out the door and along the path to the Radio Complex.

I'm assuming you turned on the power,that you went up in the elevator, that you drained the lake and did the water tank puzzle before going to the shed.

Hope this will help.

Chief wave
Posted by: Retired at last

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/24/06 09:14 PM

Nope I'm confused.
I'm at the shed and have placed the control panel at 3 and 6 o'clock (bottom and right)- rotated the bridge.
Went back to it to cross it and up a ladder and then to the building with a ladder going down.
And this is where I am lost.
I already pulled the I panel before getting to the shed.
Am still up north - enough - for tonight -
going for a couple of beers before going to bed.
Think I'll wait until I get back home to continue the game.
Mag's WT says I have to go back to 4 tower builing but I keep ending up at that Radio complex. Wonder if it makes a difference

Retired wave
Posted by: Chief

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/24/06 09:20 PM

Retired, I do not think it makes a difference.

Good night. Will do the same.

Chief wave
Posted by: Retired at last

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/24/06 09:38 PM

One last post for tonight.
Should the panel be at 3 - 6 o'clock
or at 9 -6 o'clock
Mag's WT seems to indicated 9 - 6
and hers is the WT I have been following.
Fisicx says 3 - 6 o'clock
Guess using 2 WTs is not a good idea.
I am lost, lost, lost..... eek

Retired wave
Posted by: MaG

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/25/06 09:21 PM

Hi Retired,

I think the confusion here is that the position of the control panel should be at 9 and at 6 o'clock position.
Draw this 9 and 6 o'clock on paper.
But since you're looking at it from top view - it should be 3 and 12 o'clock position. Turn that drawing around and see.
Go back to a saved game to replay this part and do the 3 and 12 o'clock. luck
Posted by: MaG

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/25/06 11:22 PM


Ah, eh... If you make a clock marked at 9 and at 6 o'clock, then you turn the clock looking from above it - the 9 will be on the 3 and the 6 will now be at 12 o'clock position.

Please try to replay using the 3 and 12 position and see if you still have problem. wave

Chief - thanks, also can you mail me the wt link you used then. I think it might be an old site that I am very familiar with. smile
Posted by: Retired at last

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/26/06 09:49 PM

Hi Mag

3 - 12 o'clock did/does not work for me.
When I go to the door on the walkway it won't open.
3 - 6 o'cloclk brings me to the radio complex.
I was totally confused so I left it at 9 - 6 o'clock.
This let me get out.
Made my way back to the 4 Way Tower.

**From here I used the map to get my bearings.**

Took the right exit.
Got to the Brick building and realized I was on the right side of the builing and the exit here leads to the wrong door of the Elevator Tower.
Went back and pushed the button in order to slide the floor panel to the left side of the Brick building.
Went back to the 4 Way Tower and then to the Generator area.
From here made my way back to the Brick building again.
And forward to just outside of the Square building, turned right, up the stairs, pressed the button and got in the Elevator tower.
Made my way to a small round building on left side, a stand by the water on the right and 2 doors on either side that are not accessible right now. And there is a ladder in front of me.

Posted by: MaG

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/26/06 10:21 PM

I think this is one of those - it is 'in the eyes of the beholder' thing - lol
Since you got to the walkway when you crossed the turned bridge, climbed the metal ladder and on to the walkway building - your 6 o'clock is my 12 o'clock. wink I'm just glad it worked for you.

You got the BAAGS baad! Have a safe trip home.
Posted by: Retired at last

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/27/06 04:05 PM

I'm back.
On with the show.
Yes I have the BAAGS baaaaaaaaaaad rolleyes
Am wondering about the o'clock thing.
You played with the 3CD version - I am playing with the single CD version.
Maybe it makes difference?
Who knows and I guess who cares. laugh
I wonder what awaits me, after supper, at the top of that ladder? wave
Posted by: Retired at last

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/27/06 08:31 PM

Well I found out what was awaiting me. laugh
Ouef - finally got another part of the letter.
I am now at the begining of all those
Love this game thumbsup
Retired wave
Posted by: Kaki's Sister

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/27/06 08:42 PM

I haven't played Rhem 1 in a long time but I do remember I got very confused in this part of the game and missed setting one antenna because it was out of the area and I had to go back and find it.

I went around in circles for quite a while before I found it. You're doing real good Retiredat Last.
Posted by: MaG

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/27/06 09:36 PM

Oh Nice! Glad to have additional help for Rhem 1. Chief is doing a great job here as well as other helpers like Gerry, LadyK. My memory really gets fuzzy in remembering nuances. Thanks and we will keep it mind but feel free to jump in if you see a post.

As for 3 CDs and 1 CD - I played the 3 CDs initially and replayed it on 1 CD sent to me by Knut. There's no difference then that I saw or else I would have changed or made note of it on the wt. Although the 1 CD I played was a European version not the one from here.
Posted by: MaG

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/27/06 11:03 PM

You might want to open that locked door with an I mark and 3 buttons on other side or you can enter the other door with the red button - more puzzles there.
Posted by: katie

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/28/06 10:13 AM

Hi all, lost count of how long I have beeplaying Rhem 1, lost and wandering some of the time. I'm using the same WT and now at the Radar Valley Area. I picked up some help from Chief about the control panels, being in my usual state of confusion. so thanks to all of you for helping me as well. Looking forward to #2. Katie
Posted by: Retired at last

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/28/06 11:35 AM

Hi Katie

I'm also at the Radar site.
I think we're in for a bit of work here. laugh

Retired wave
Posted by: MaG

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/28/06 12:47 PM

Katie and Retired,
You can do this puzzle - lotsa walking again though. luck
Posted by: Retired at last

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/28/06 01:20 PM

Thanks for the encouragement Mag.
I decided to get the Lone Antenna out of the way
Went back and checked the radar screen and I got a kind of bird sound when the line hit that last dot.
So I guess it's okay.
Wonder how many virtual miles I've walked in this game woozy
Now I have to figure out which dots go with which panels.
I think I have an idea with the clue you gave about the 9th wedge.
I don't want to post this here in case it spoils it for someone else.
Posted by: Retired at last

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/29/06 04:48 PM

No problem.
Have 68 saved games all at crucial places.
But if a Gamer needs help please be patient.
The only way I can respond is by replaying the game at any given point. My memory only kicks in when I am in the game.
Sending a saved game is no problem - they are all labeled in detail.
I have already made a CD - don't want to lose this ''gold mine''

Retired wave
Posted by: katie

Rhem 1 - 01/17/06 03:48 PM

I've crossed the rotating bridge and up the ladder, but the door to the round building is locked, there is a red button on the door.but does not open door when pressed,What haven't I done?? Thanks for helping, Katie
Posted by: texaslady

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/17/06 04:07 PM

Katie I could be so very very wrong but you might be at the wrong door. Have you looked for other doors that might give you access?

Posted by: MaG

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/17/06 04:14 PM


Are you just at the start?
From the rail car, you enter the round building on the top floor. You go forward to open the other top level door. Then you go down the ladder and exit through one of the lower floor exit.

If not - what part are you in now. You have to go through the building and open doors. If your door does not open - you have to go back out of the building and go around the area to the other side and rotate the bridge to get that door open.

wave Sue!
Posted by: katie

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/17/06 04:17 PM

Hi Sue, There is no other door that i can see and no where else to go,. I've wondered if this is the right bldg, but it is round. Thanks for answering. Katie
Posted by: katie

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/18/06 10:19 AM

Hi I've rotated the bridge to what looks like a hole in a wall, gone through up a ladder and an area with a window looks down on water, etc. throgh a doorway to a walkway going straight to a round building with a flat roof, I don't see any place to go and can't get back to the ladder. I appreciate the help. I'm way past the beginning. been up the round tower and beyond, if that helps. It seems I have not done something, but have no idea what. Katie
Posted by: Chief

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/18/06 10:42 AM

Katie, before rotating the bridge, there is a building and down the buildind there is a control panel.

Did you rotate the walkway to align bottom and right? This will allow access to the last remaining exit from the Round Building?

Back to the rotating bridge, climb the ladder and enter the Round Building.

Maybe this will help.

Chief wave
Posted by: katie

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/18/06 03:41 PM

thanx for the help, didn't know what I did wrong so loaded a savd game and went throough the rocess again and Voila!, the door opened, so I'm on my way again, What a fun game! . Katie
Posted by: katie

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/29/06 10:04 AM

Hi Retired, thanks for the offer and I know I will need some guidance. Didn't get ot play yesterday, you know that old saying,"a woman's work id neve done", lol. Good to hear you are through that part you are going great guns.I'm still at the contro panel ready to go to the atenna field, groan. Katie
Posted by: Retired at last

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/29/06 11:32 AM

Hi Katie
From your post I take it that you have turned on the antennas.
This is a fun area, but somewhat frustrating at times.
Have fun.
Posted by: katie

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/30/06 10:11 AM

Good morning, played enough yesterday eveining to know I turned on the radar power, been so long ago my memory failed. finally got throughthe 1-3button door, BUT now wandering trying to locate the 13th(aptly named) antenna. Will keep on looking.
Retired, congrats on finishing, that is great. Are you planning to begin #2 right away or play something else first?? Hey, maybe a little hint ont 13th location. Blessings, Katie
Posted by: Retired at last

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/30/06 10:57 AM

Hi Katie,
Not very good at giving directions but here goes.
Exit area by turning left and follow cable back to doorway - turn right and forward - go to walkway door - up the ladder - exit walkway door -turn right- go to the end turn right and down the stairs
Go through doorway - turn left then right
Turn left at the first junction of that long pathway. Open door with mosaic on it and go down the manhole.
From here make your way to the water pump building and go out the other side.
Follow path till the end.
You get to another doorway with path and sandy colored cliffs on both sides - keep on walking till you get to 2 bridges - take the left one and there it is.
To get back do all of the above in reverse. laugh
Retired luck
Posted by: MaG

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/30/06 10:24 PM

Yes, Thanks. Sorry, I got busy and have not answered some of my mails. I have RHEM 1 saves. But if a member needs one I don't have or you have it also - feel free to jump in. It will be much appreciated. smile
Have fun with Myst 1 - great game.
Posted by: katie

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/31/06 11:12 AM

Hi Retired, I had turned the power on Loonngg time agoe, and did not realize that was the 13th antenna, DUH. Then wander half the day looking for the 12th antenna, went to the WT and finally found it. I should refer to the WT more but I forgot to copy and paste it to my word processor to change font style and size. I am visually impaired actually legally blind, but I manage. I'm hoping to finish this today. Do I understand you have played rhem 2? Are you playing the the very first Myst? It was one of the first I played.A great game some hard puzzles .
Thanks for helping,
Posted by: katie

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/31/06 12:57 PM

I am at the Radar Valley Puzzle, Hope to get to it today, doesn't seem too difficult. Is that famous last words? any suggestions? Katie
Posted by: Retired at last

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/31/06 02:15 PM

Hi Katie
Re suggestions.
Depends on what you've done so far.
When you went back to the 13th station, did you adjust the 2 icons - the power was turned on when you went there for the first time - but you did not know you had to adjust those 2 icons - if the icons are not adjusted you are going to have a problem in the Valley.

Posted by: katie

Re: Rhem 1 - 01/31/06 03:35 PM

I've just realized that 'small' problem. I now have to go to find my way back to 13, but you did send me instructions. It has been quite awhile since i turned the power on. I have the icons to the 12 and decided to quiet for the day. and also study the map and make a diagram of my own. . the developers did not want us to have a slam dunk time at this part of the game. Oh well, we're tough and determined players!! Thanks, Katie.
Posted by: katie

Re: Rhem 1 - 02/01/06 11:48 AM

Hi Retired, received your email Re: maps checked it out and printed it out. the antennas are numbered differently from the map I've used . CYE. Your directions to the 13th antenna were great, arriving at the manhole I knew where I was and where the site is. And I even made it back to the Radar Valley Later today I will be free to play more. I'm anzious to finissh. Katie
Posted by: Retired at last

Re: Rhem 1 - 02/01/06 02:29 PM

Hi Katie
Just got your email.
This is a tricky part.
If you are using Graham's map - then start with the second dot (the one on the greens lines) and work your way around clockwise. When you get to the very last antenna use the codes from the very first dot.
Retired luck
Posted by: katie

Re: Rhem 1 - 02/01/06 05:52 PM

that does sound a bit confusing. I think I will use the other map from UHS. have not had a chance to play yet today,Hope to spend a couple of hours now. Thanks for all the help.katie
Posted by: Retired at last

Re: Rhem 1 - 02/01/06 06:13 PM

It does not matter which map you use.
This no slam dunk to use your phrase.
It took me a while to figure it out.
The 12 dots and 12 panels do not match up 1-1, 2-2. 3-3 etc,
The very first dot icons are for panel 12.
Posted by: katie

Re: Rhem 1 - 02/02/06 03:23 PM

Hi Retired, I have been totally confused about the numbering. MAYBE, I have it straight,1 is not 1, one is 12, I think I have it now.
So many demands on my time, but determined to get the Radar place behind me. Thanks for setting me straight on this, Katie
Posted by: katie

Re: Rhem 1 - 02/02/06 04:55 PM

Well so much for this game, it seems. Finally time to play and have all the antennas fixed. and have the 4 numbers, entered them in the blue panel, pressed the blue button and, guess what!! the computer freezes. Restarted several times, but no luck. This is the first problem I hav had with this game.cuss,cuss, cuss. I will post on glitches forum and see if anyone has a clue.
Posted by: Retired at last

Re: Rhem 1 - 02/02/06 09:07 PM

Hi Katie
See Mag came to your rescue, but I'm going to send my saved game anyways.
All you have to do is go to the panel and enter the numbers.
More is better than not enough.
Hope you don't mind Mag. laugh
My friends are not into computer games but were impressed how gamers help other gamers.
Hope everything works out for you Katie - you are so close to the end.
Retired wave
Posted by: katie

Re: Rhem 1 - 02/03/06 10:10 AM

Good morning Mag and retired. lets see if I can explain. the version of Rhem I have has a white label Update CD1 and the original black and gold CD1 which is for installation only. when prompted to insert CD1 use the white one, which I did the first tme prompted. It did not work, so I used the original cd1 and, forgot about it until the problem yesterday. The the brain came alive,what a dummy I told mysel, try the white label cd1 and it worked until leaving the area, then froze changed to the other cd1 and switch back and forth until prompted for cd3. By then i gave up playing and fixed dinner. I was sure i would get saved games and I do appreciate the time and trouble you two went to send them to me Seems this is a German some of ihe menu is in German. Has anyone else played this version? Thanks again, Katie.