The Last Express

Posted by: dragonuk44

The Last Express - 01/17/06 08:00 AM

Doing the last express got the whistle for the beetle and the scroll traslated been invited to a concette violin and piano while I can I have sneaked out got the master key and got into kronus s bedroom but befor I can have a snoop around that servent catches me can any one tell me what I am doing wrong please thanks
Posted by: texaslady

Re: The Last Express - 01/17/06 08:26 AM

Dragon it looks like you can go to the roof of the train using the master key. Maybe there is an alternate route to Kronos's car.

Posted by: dragonuk44

Re: The Last Express - 01/17/06 08:48 AM

been on the roof there is only one way through the glass roof as far as I know if I stay on the train they stab me cry
Posted by: texaslady

Re: The Last Express - 01/17/06 09:02 AM

Dragon did you try to smash the skylight to get in?

Posted by: Bert

Re: The Last Express - 01/17/06 05:22 PM

Have you gotten the EGG yet? if not try getting it, and hiding it before you go to kronos' room.
not sure this will work. (been awhile since I played).....hope it helps
Posted by: iscreamer1

Re: The Last Express - 03/31/06 06:47 PM

Hi we have just found the bomb in the guards panel. Where do we get a cigarette so we can burn the wires. We only have a match in our inventory and if we use that the bomb explodes.

Thx for your help.
Posted by: Jenny

Re: The Last Express - 03/31/06 07:02 PM

I don't find any reference to picking up a cigarette in the walkthrough--you're sure there isn't one in your inventory? Maybe when you are in the smoking compartment, you could find one.

This is really weird--I've just done some more research on this question and half of the walkthroughs I checked say to use a cigarette on the wires, the other half say to use a match!!! Here's a quote from one of them: "Click on the cigar box (ONCE!!). Get the match from your inventory and put the cursor over the pipe. Click it."

Is that the way you've been trying to do it... think
Posted by: iscreamer1

Re: The Last Express - 03/31/06 07:17 PM

Thx, i didn't find any reference either but the walkthrough does say to use one to burn the wires. I'll check the smoking compartment. thx
Posted by: MaG

Re: The Last Express - 03/31/06 08:59 PM


Check this walkthrough . Scroll down to disarming the bomb. It might help you.
Posted by: Jenny

Re: The Last Express - 04/01/06 12:26 AM

That's the one I was quoting from, Marita--it's really strange how some of the walkthroughs tell you to do it this way, and the rest say to use a cigarette, especially since that's the first mention of cigarettes in the game!!!

Please let us know how it turns out, iscreamer... luck