King's Quest 5 Help Required!!!!

Posted by: linus109

King's Quest 5 Help Required!!!! - 08/11/02 04:50 PM

Ok, I managed to get to the bandit camp, but when I want to enter the small tent I have to crack some sort of code. Does anyone know the answer to this code?
Posted by: Mad

Re: King's Quest 5 Help Required!!!! - 08/12/02 07:50 PM


When you reach the bandit camp, you will need to have a drink from the pot in the scene - and then enter the small tent.

A bandit should be asleep in there. And you can see the staff you need, just beyond him.

All you have to do is walk past him without waking him up....which you do by keeping your distance from him....and then you steal the staff and leave the tent....again avoiding the sleeping bandit.

I think that's the only important thing you need to do at this camp.

Of course, if I'm wrong, I'm sure another Boomer will soon shout out wave